There are many shared spaces in apartment buildings. From essentials areas like lobbies, hallways, stairwells, and elevators, to amenities including gyms, grill areas, and office spaces, and pet areas. No matter what spaces your building provides, it is important that they are kept clean. Whether new tenants are taking tours, existing tenants are inviting family over, or it’s just a regular day, clean common spaces continue to promote your building’s strong management. More and more people are staying in apartment buildings and condos long-term. And when considering reasons to break a lease or not renew, one of the first things tenants complain about is poor management. Keeping common spaces clean and handling day-to-day messes is at the center of how your residents will view your ability to provide good management.

Why Common Area Cleaning Is So Important

After 2020, there has been an increased awareness of the importance of not only cleaning but professional cleaning/disinfecting. Prior to 2020, the main concern tenants might have with a messy lobby is that it looks bad. Every homeowner knows that when you invite people you over you want everything they see to look clean and organized. For apartment leasees, it can be frustrating to have a clean unit only for the lobby and amenities to look messy. However, after the pandemic, there has been an increased awareness of cleanliness. Even as the pandemic ends, more people are aware of how shared spaces are potential risks for illness. Going into the future, a messy common area is not only visually unappealing it also demonstrates a potential risk. Thousands of tenants across America wrote negative reviews about their apartment building’s handling of COVID-19 protocols and cleaning. If you look at any reviews written in that year you are sure to find angry tenants who are frustrated that the building management didn’t put more effort into keeping areas clean. We believe that more and more tenants will look at building cleanliness as a deciding factor of whether or not they want to live there.

Porter Services For Cleaning Common Areas

We highly recommend porter cleaning services for apartments and condos. When cleaning an office space or commercial property, you might want cleaning to only happen during the off-hours. It is less disruptive and usually sufficient. But because people are occupying apartment buildings 24/7, you need a cleaning crew that can handle issues as they happen. If there is a spill or a sudden mess at an amenity, you don’t want to have it closed until the next routine cleaning time. By hiring commercial cleaners that specialize in apartment building cleaning, you can have a team consistently working throughout your property to ensure that hallways, elevators, garages, and lobbies are kept nice and tidy.

Apartment Amenity Cleaning Services

There are a few industries where the mark of a “job well done” is the fact that no one notices that the job was done. Film editors, bass guitar players, and apartment cleaning companies all fit into this category. Your tenants are more likely to notice the absence of these services than the existence of them. That is because the best cleaning companies know how to keep things clean without being disruptive. Many tenants choose their apartment buildings based on the available amenities. But messy amenities can quickly sour a tenant’s view of their building. If outdoor grill areas are consistently messy, trash covers the floor in the gym, or there are pet-related stains throughout the indoor amenities, it might cause a broken lease or two followed by a Google review that starts in all caps and has pictures. The mark of a good amenity cleaning company is the ability to react to messes quickly without needing to shut down amenities or disrupt tenants.

Apartment Building Cleaning Services In Greater Boston

Champion Cleaning provides apartment building cleaning services to apartments and condos throughout Greater Boston and beyond. If you need a team that can be on-site every day to handle routine cleaning as well as providing as-needed services, we can help. Call us or fill out a contact form to learn more.

A Guide To Cleaning Apartment Common Areas
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