Unfortunately, a majority of business owners, property managers, and other commercial property employees are unaware of the dangers of mixing cleaning supplies. Unlike simple storebought residential cleaning products, commercial cleaners can be much more dangerous. Designed to effectively clean up larger areas and specific areas like restaurant kitchens, commercial cleaners are made with higher concentrations of dangerous chemicals. That is why mixing cleaning supplies is never recommended and can lead to terrible results. Anything from injuries to hospitalization and even death can occur when untrained individuals mix the wrong cleaning supplies.

Ammonia & Bleach

The most common mistake that is often made is when people mix chemicals with bleach. Specifically, adding ammonia to bleach will create a toxic gas that causes coughing, nausea, wheezing, pneumonia, and even death. Ammonia is common in many different cleaners as well as some paints. Bleach is also a common ingredient in many cleaners. Both chemicals can be found in a large variety of industrial and commercial cleaning products, which is why it is vital that every business owner reads the warning labels on these products.

Acids & Chlorine Bleach

Acids are much more common than ammonia. They can be found in vinegar, window cleaner, dish detergent, toilet bowl cleaners, sink cleaners, brick cleaners, and much more. When acids are mixed with chlorine bleach, toxic gases are formed. Low levels of these gases will cause coughing and breathing problems, meanwhile higher levels can fill the lungs with liquid and cause death.

High Alkalinity & High Acidity Mixes

The PH of cleaners is also vital to whether or not they can be mixed. When highly acidic products mix with highly alkaline products they react violently. They can quickly foam and spray causing chemical burns. That is why with all cleaning products, it is vital to read the label. Alternatively, you can avoid these issues by working with commercial cleaners who are professionals in their field and know the dangers of mixing mismatched chemicals.

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Dangers of Mixing Commercial Cleaning Products
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