As a tenant in an apartment building you likely feel responsible only for the unit that you rent. Of course, you wouldn’t go out of your way to make a mess or leave trash behind when you use one of your building’s amenities. But cleaning the hallway, the lobby, and other common spaces in the building isn’t your job. However, one question many tenants have about their apartment is who is responsible for windows. It can seem like a grey area. Maybe at your last apartment, the windows were professionally cleaned but now after you move in you notice some stains and haven’t seen a window crew in months. You may also notice issues with common areas like hallways and lobbies and wonder when was the last time they were cleaned.

What Cleaning Services Are Landlords Obligated To Provide?

There is a common misconception of what landlords and property management companies have to do, vs what you might want them to do. In Massachusetts, property managers are legally require to provide a habitable premise. This is in relation to health and safety. This means that your building must be capable of heating itself, have well maintained structures, accessible emergency exits, etc. In terms of cleaning, nothing is necessarily required legally by the state of Massachusetts. Granted, landlords are expected to prevent insect and rodent infestation in common areas. But as for carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and other cleaning services, there isn’t a legal requirement.

Why Should Property Managers Use Professional Cleaning Services

Although there is no legal requirement for cleaning an apartment building there are many reasons property managers should. No tenant wants to live in a building that is poorly maintained, has odors, or is unsightly to look at. If a building is not well-maintained this will lead to fewer tenants signing leases. This can become a vicious cycle. Fewer rent payments mean less money to fix and improve your property which leads to more tenants moving out. A poorly maintained building continues to degrade over time until it ends up coming under new management. Professional apartment cleaning services can prevent tenants from moving out due to poor management.

When Is It Time To Move Out Of Your Apartment Building?

If your apartment building is not regularly cleaned or you have risen complaints to your property managers and they have been on deaf ears, you may want to consider looking for a better-managed property to live in. However, if your property is being cleaned and your unit’s windows aren’t consider asking your managers if they have a window cleaning solution. Some apartment building cleaning services provide window or carpet cleaning services to tenants that tenants need to sign-up for.

Apartment Building Cleaning Services in Greater Boston

If you manage a property in Greater Boston the team at Champion Cleaning can help you keep it clean. A clean building is key to keeping tenants happy long-term. If you would like a quote on cleaning services for your property, please give us a call.

Does My Landlord Have To Clean Windows & Common Areas?
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