At Champion Cleaning you can hear us talking about the importance of clean common areas often. A part of our cleaning service for apartment buildings and condo complexes, is cleaning of the common areas. When we mentioned this, people usually jump to the lobby, welcome area, hallways, gyms, etc. However, one area that is of utmost importance is the laundry room.

Importance of a Clean Laundry Room

For tenants, having to do laundry in a common area can be a pain. Most residents if polled, would say they prefer in-unit washer and dryer combo units to use. However, you can take some steps to make sure that their laundry experience is as enjoyable as possible.

For most apartment & condo buildings, this means adding in a T.V or two, vending machines, and maybe complimentary detergent. However, the most important aspect of your laundry room is cleanliness. This means working to ensure that the laundry room always clean as possible.

At Champion Cleaning we work to keep your tenants happy by having flawlessly clean common areas. For the laundry room this means cleaning in between washing & dryer units, clean floors, careful dusting, and keeping an eye on dust and lint that accumulates from thousands of loads of laundry a month.

Champion Cleaning will work with your property or facility manager to develop a cleaning schedule that fits your needs for your laundry room and other common areas. Don’t lose tenants due to a messy and unpleasant laundry room.

Want to make sure your laundry room and common areas are up to the standards of yourself and your tenants? View some testimonials from our apartment & condo clients and get in touch with us today for a quote!

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