Whether you own a hotel, condo building, restaurant, or office building, keep clean floors is important. Not only does the interior of your building create a reputation for your customers, clients, and residents, clean floors are less likely to spread disease and cause illness. However, many business owners only vacuum and do light floor maintenance. But there is much more you can do aside from cleaning your floors with a vacuum to keep them clean long term.

Scheduling Cleanings

Your building needs to have routine floor maintenance. This includes daily spot cleaning. Spot cleaning covers cleaning any spills or any high traffic areas of your building. You should also employ a weekly or bi-monthly thorough cleaning based on your building’s needs. If you have any small carpets or entrance matting, it needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid the buildup of bacteria, allergens, dirt, debris, and bad odors. If you follow these steps, you will be able to protect your hardwood or tiled floors from damage and needing to be replaced. It is especially important the floors are waxed and buffed on a regular basis to keep floors looking good.

How To Stop Floors From Fading

One issue that is common for building owners is dealing with fading floors. Prolonged exposure to sunlight causes fading over time. For buildings that have uneven natural light exposure floors will fade near windows and doors and create an unappealing gradient effect. To best avoid sun fading, utizling carpets and currents can prevent sun exposure from ruining your floors. Entrance matting is also effective and provides the added bonus of trapping mud, dirt, and other debris as people enter your building.

Controlling Humidity

Another floor damaging factor is your building’s internal temperature and humidity. This is especially true if your building features wood floors and carpets. Excess humidity will cause wood to expand and become warped over time. Carpets can also soak up moisture which can deteriorate the microfibers in the carpet and promote mold and mildew growth. Using dehumidifiers is the best way to keep your building’s flooring and carpets in good condition.

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Floor Maintenance Tips
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