In the past electrostatic disinfection was usually reserved for hospitals and medical facilities that required an extra level of precaution. However, due to the pandemic, apartment buildings, condos, offices, and public buildings are utilizing electrostatic disinfection. This form of cleaning is considered one of the most rigorous cleaning options. Since Champion Cleaning began using electrostatic disinfection, we have heard a few common questions from our business partners.

What Is Electrostatic Disinfection?

Electrostatic disinfection is the process of spraying a mist of disinfectant throughout a building. The mist carries a static electric charge which makes the mist particles bind to any and all surfaces. This means that hard to reach places can be disinfected, and that disinfection of a large area can be completed quickly.

Is Electrostatic Disinfection Effective Against COVID-19?

Probably the most important question we get asked. Electrostatic disinfection’s efficacy is based on the disinfectant being used. At Champion Cleaning we only use disinfectant that is on the EPA’s List N. This is a list of disinfectants that meet the EPA’s requirements for killing COVID-19 on surfaces. We have been using a concentrated disinfectant throughout the pandemic and actually we provide this disinfectant to our clients so that they can use it between routine cleanings.

How Long Does Electrostatic Disinfection Take?

The answer to this question is dependent on the size of the facility that is being disinfected. But compared to traditional disinfection methods, electrostatic disinfection is much quicker. A room can be sprayed in a matter of minutes and can be used almost immediately after.

How Long Does Electrostatic Disinfection Last?

Unfortunately electrostatic disinfection does not leave a protective barrier or ward off future bacteria and viruses. Electrostatic disinfection simply kills all the existing bacteria and viruses on the treated surfaces. It is ideal to use after it is discovered that someone in a facility has tested positive for COVID-19, but it is not a guarantee. If someone else were to enter the building the next day carrying the virus, they would be able to transmit it to surfaces. This is why routine cleanings are recommended.

Does Electrostatic Disinfection Leave A Residue?

Electrostatic disinfection may leave a light residue on treated surfaces. Surfaces can be wiped down after being disinfected. However, it is important for the surfaces to be coated for a time to ensure that they are sanitized.

Can Electrostatic Disinfection Be Used Around Electronics?

Yes, it is completely safe around laptops, computers, keyboards, and other electronics. However, we do recommend that you remove any paper documents before the disinfection process.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Electrostatic Disinfection
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