A nice, clean workplace can do wonders for employees’ mood, productivity and office morale. This can lead to an overall happy work environment, which means that employees will make for more pleasant coworkers and work performance will likely improve. A clean workplace is one where the air quality is good, spaces like break-room and offices are cleaned regularly, germs and bacteria are kept at bay and employees are not constantly sick. Let’s look at how a clean workplace leads to happy employees.

Healthy is Happy

All employees appreciate a workplace that doesn’t compromise their health. An office space that goes too long without a thorough cleaning is a germ and bacteria pit developing. This increases the risk of developing health issues. The flu season, for instance, is a time when employees are at a heightened risk of getting ill. If measures are taken to reduce the chances of getting sick by cleaning, disinfecting and improving air quality of the workplace, there will be decreased absenteeism and employees will be comfortable and not fear getting sick. They’ll be happy to show up at work knowing that their environment is clean and tidy.

Productive Employees

A major benefit of keeping a clean workplace is increased productivity. A clean work-space leads to a more focused bunch of employees that are happy to be doing what they love because their environment fosters productivity. If you have a messy workplace, with clutter, which makes it tough to stay organized and on task, frustration will likely set in. A frustrated employee is not a happy employee, and an unhappy employee is typically not a productive one. A clean and organized work-space will limit distractions, and likely put workers in a happy mood to get more done, more quickly.

Enhanced Morale 

You may think little of it, but a clean workplace can boost office morale and create happy employees. If the work environment is dirty, smells, and the office space is unorganized, it can put the employees in a funk. Every employer should work to keep workplace morale positive or high, and one way to do that is to take pride in the workplace by making it a pleasant and clean space where employee’s can feel excited to be working. That feeling of excitement can become contagious and spread through the office, boosting morale in the process.


A clean workplace is important to employee happiness. When employees are working in a space that has no clutter, or funk, they are more happy and productive, and morale is high. Cleaning the workplace should be a priority since it has an impact on employee happiness, which can benefit any business. Champion cleaning can be contacted online or by telephone at (800) 979-1911 for more information on our office cleaning or other services.

How a Clean Workplace Leads to Happy Employees
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