Due to the heavy amount of foot traffic, the common areas of an apartment building can get dirty quickly. Having a clean common area is one of the simplest ways to show your tenants you appreciate them. More importantly, having a clean building shows you operate at the highest standard. All of this combined results in happy tenants with lower turnover. As a property manager or building manager, a lower rate of tenant turnover is one of your main priorities.


The common areas include windows, floors and carpets, as well as doors and furniture. It is best to have these specific areas cleaned consistently and regularly to maintain the best image and reputation. While some areas may only require biweekly or monthly cleaning, the main common areas should be cleaned on a weekly or more consistent basis. It is also very important to have a cleaning professional readily available for any sudden, urgent, or emergency cleaning service.



Five reasons why a clean apartment building will deter turnovers

  • It shows that you highly value your tenants

  • It shows you care about cleanliness and there well-being

  • It shows you’re holding yourself to a high standard and image

  • It gives your tenants one less reason to complain about you

  • It makes the tenants grateful they live here and look forward to coming home


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How Clean Common Areas Help Reduce Unit Turnovers
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