Post-construction cleaning jobs are an integral part of opening a new building. Whether it is a residential apartment complex or a new retail facility, having a post-construction cleaning crew do a complete walkthrough of your building is the best way to ensure that your building is ready for visitors and customers. There are many services included in post-construction cleaning. And each of these services can alter the total price of the job.

How Much Does It Cost?

Naturally, there is not a blanket one-size-fits-all cost for post-construction cleaning. And different providers will give different estimates. That is why it is equally important to both get a price estimate and also get a list of the services they provide in post-construction cleaning. Not all companies provide the same services, and if you are worried about price, needing to hire a second company to do the job that the first company failed is not cost-effective. There are many factors that influence cleaning, however. And there are even a few ways to lower costs for your job by making sure that the cleaning company can work as efficiently as possible.

Price Factors For Post Construction Cleaning

There are many factors that will influence your total price for a construction cleanup job. One common factor is the timeline. Different construction cleaning crews offer different timelines for their services depending on the square footage of the facility and services needed. However, it is very common for some businesses to expect construction cleanups to happen almost overnight. Many companies offer flexible timelines, however, this can increase the cost because employees will need to receive overtime pay. There are services that require special tools as well as special products. Exterior window cleaning and exterior pressure washing as well as VCT finishing and waxing floors could be considered extra services. If carpets need special attention and steam-cleaning instead of standard vacuuming, this will also increase time and cost.

How To Save Money on Post-Construction Cleaning

Companies likely want to save money on construction cleanup jobs. There are a few ways to minimize cost raising factors. The first of course is scheduling. It is important to give adequate time for the job to be completed. But it is also important to allow the construction cleaning company to work unhindered by the presence of contractors, plumbers, and other tradesmen. Construction cleanup should be the final step in your construction process. Having your clean up crew present simultaneously as contractors, or having contractors return to work after a cleaning completely negates the work of construction cleaners. This is why scheduling your cleaning dates is so important. Another way to lower costs is to make sure to choose the right company the first time. Make sure the cleaning company you are working with has experience and can ensure that they will do the job right. Having to hire a second company to clean up after the first company is a waste of time and money for your business.

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