Tile is a beautiful material to use for flooring, backsplashes, and walls in your bathroom or kitchen. It has become a standard in bathroom remodeling and new construction to have tile in some form or fashion. And although that tile will definitely look great when it is first installed, it can be a challenge to keep it looking great. At Champion Cleaning, we provide a variety of cleaning services for apartment buildings, condos, and offices throughout Massachusetts & New Hampshire including tile & grout cleaning. We wanted to share these tips with homeowners on how to keep their own tile & grout clean.

Choose The Right Cleaning Equipment

Before you start cleaning your tile and grout, make sure you have the right tools for the job. To effectively clean tile and grout you will need stiff-bristled brush and the appropriate cleaning solution. There are a few options for cleaning solutions. Some homeowners will utilize a 50/50 water and vinegar mixture to clean grout stains. Other homeowners use store bought bleach products. it is recommended to use any chlorine bleach products sparingly to avoid permanently staining the tiles. Instead an oxygen bleach product can be more effective and less risky.

How To Clean Grout

Depending on what method you are using, there are a few effective ways to clean grout. If you use a store-bought grout cleaner that utilizes bleach in its formula, make sure to read its instructions before you clean. When you start cleaning, clean the grout before moving to the tiles. Use your cleaning product on the grout. If the grout doesn’t appear whiter, make sure to fully rinse the area before starting with a different method. Many homeowners use a variety of cleaners including vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine bleach, and oxygen bleach. You should always clean up the area if you decide to switch methods.

How To Clean Tile

After you finish cleaning the grout, rinse the surface and move on to the tile. You can effectively clean tile with a mix of water and detergent. There are a variety of scrubbers your can purchase that have hard bristles that can help you brush off any stains or debris that have attached to the tile over time. It is recommended to wash and dry each section of the floor or wall you are working on before moving on to the next section. It is recommended that you wash your kitchen tiles 1-2 times per month and your bathroom tiles weekly to avoid deep set in stains.

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How To Clean Tile & Grout
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