Managing an apartment building is a very taxing career. There are countless tasks that you need to be on top of constantly. One of the most difficult challenges is communicating with tenants, especially when they are upset. Whether you have a tenant that sends frequent complaints, tenants that send them sporadically, or are concerned about negative reviews on different websites, here are a few tactics to improve communication, handle complaints, and improve your property’s reputation.

Create Avenues For Tenant Complaints & Communication

You should encourage all of your tenants to visit your office, send emails, or even fill out feedback forms if they have an issue. One of the common causes for frustration among tenants is the sense that they are not being heard. If they do not have the proper channels to discuss issues they are having, they are more likely to use public forums like review websites. It is therefore important to provide multiple well-advertised channels for tenants to get in contact with management.

Repsond Promptly and Professionally

Of course, providing channels is useless if you are unresponsive or respond in an unprofessional way. If you leave your tenants feeling like their complaints and messages are not resolved or respected, this can create extra tension and anger. A good goal is to respond within one business day, it is also recommended that you advertise this policy on your website or wherever tenants go to leave complaints. It’s also important to take a professional tone to ensure that your clients feel heard and understood.

Provide Meaningful Solutions & Execute Them

Another issue tenants often have with their property managers is that while they may be responsive plans are not executed in a timely manner. You want to make sure your tenants understand a realistic timeline relative to their requests. If for some reason the issue is not going to be resolved (i.e. a tenant has a request that is out of the scope of your property) you should thoroughly explain why this is the case. If the timeline needs to be adjusted due to an issue with a vendor, make sure to communicate this to the tenant. Always follow-up with tenants to hear how they thought the process went. Extra communication can help tenants feel heard throughout the process.

Invest in Apartment Porter Cleaning Services

One solution you should consider is being proactive. One of the most common tenant complaints is that a common area is messy. Porter cleaning services can handle day-to-day cleaning tasks to ensure that amenities, hallways, elevators, and lobbies are properly cleaned. Proactively cleaning areas of your building can prevent complaints from cropping up in the first place. If you have a cleaning team in place and you are getting complaints about messes you may want to consider switching vendors.

Apartment Building Cleaning Services in Greater Boston

The Champion Cleaning team provides cleaning services for apartments and condo buildings in Greater Boston. We provide porter cleaning services and can keep common areas clean throughout the day. For more information on our services, please contact our office.

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