Property managers and condo owners know the double-edged sword with offering a pet-friendly environment. On the one hand, pet-friendly apartments can charge more for their tenants because it is a smaller niche. But pets can bring a few problems for a property manager. Aside from noise complaints and the possibility of a tenant’s pet attacking another tenant, pets can make a mess of common areas. Pets often track mud, dirt and other debris from outside into your property’s common hallways and lobby. Regardless of your floor’s material, pets can stain and leave odors that are hard to deal with. Here are a few tips on keeping common areas clean in pet-friendly environments.

Ceramic Tile

Hopefully, your tenants aren’t the kind of people who don’t at least try to clean up after their pets in common areas. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, some tenants just don’t know how to properly clean up after the pets. If your lobby and hallway floors are tiled, timing is key to avoid staining and odor. Unfortunately, many property managers won’t know about the problem until a different tenant reports it. Whenever the problem reaches you, the best method is to use store bought urine remover and mop the floor. Bleaching the floor is also an option for removing the stain.

Hardwood Floors

Like ceramic tile, hardwood floors are best protected if the pet stain is properly cleaned immediately. But for many property managers, this is not a possibility. Because pet stains will most likely have already soaked into your wooden floors by the time they will be cleaned, regular DIY homemade solutions are just not going to cut it. When choosing an industrial product it is important to pick one that is rated for hardwood floors. Some products can strip the finish off your floor and therefore damage your floor further. Choosing non-hazardous and environmentally friendly products should also be considered to keep your property safe for your tenants and their pets.


Let’s just say this upfront: if you have decided to make your condo, apartment building, or other property pet-friendly; carpets are not recommended. For obvious reasons, having carpets in common areas where multiple pets will walk on a daily basis is not ideal. The best method for keeping your apartment clean is to hire professional carpet cleaners. Even without “accidents,” animals can ruin carpets by simply walking across them, having your carpets deep cleaned regularly is a necessity. Find a company that uses hot water extraction, as well as pretreatments for stain spots. The key to keeping smells and stains off your carpets is a professional cleaner.

Having a pet-friendly property can provide property owners with a strong advantage in the real estate market. If you own a pet-friendly property, having a regular cleaning service for your common areas is a must. At Champion Cleaning, we clean hallways, lobbies, and the rest of your common areas with eco-friendly, non-hazardous products. We use state of the art technology to keep your property smelling and looking good. Contact us at 800-979-1911 to learn more.

How To Remove Pet Odors/Stains From Shared Hallways
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