At Champion Cleaning we have decades of experience when it comes to cleaning office buildings. We understand how crucial it is to create a healthy workplace for the health of your employees and the health of your company. If you oversee the cleaning your office facility, or are considering the reasons why you should outsource this task, consider these difficult-to-clean areas of an office:

Bathroom Fixtures: Many bathroom stalls are designed for easy access for cleaning. However, many cleaning companies end up missing some of the harder to reach places, leaving behind germs. An experienced office cleaning service will not miss these spots.

Faucets: Both in the bathroom and in office kitchens, faucets are a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. They have awkward crevices that can be difficult to reach. A great cleaning company makes sure to thoroughly clean the faucets in every facility.

Carpeting, Rugs, and Upholstery: Your floor material is a notoriously difficult area to ensure cleanliness.Got spilled coffee stains? Champion Cleaning uses a truck-mounted hot water extraction system to clean and sanitize carpets. This is the best quality and most efficient carpet cleaning method currently available.

It’s also important you or your cleaning company aren’t using cleaning materials that will damage or discolor your flooring material.

Fridge and Microwave:  With your whole office bringing lunches to work every day, as well as reheating them in your microwave, these are two critical places to ensure cleanliness. Grime from hundreds of reheated meals throughout the week is tough to remove. Additionally, the surfaces around the fridge and microwaves can have tricky angles to properly clean. Make your employees happy, make sure these two areas are spotless always.

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Most Difficult Areas in an Office Building To Get Clean
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