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Champion Cleaning works with offices throughout Greater Boston & the North Shore to create routine cleaning schedules that work for you and your team. With our experienced cleaners, advanced cleaning equipment, and unique offerings, we can make sure your office is ready for your team, your clients, and any other guests. 

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Here at Champion Cleaning, on top of having the experienced team that can thoroughly and effectively clean your office building, we have specialized equipment that can help with a variety of unique cleaning tasks. 

For example, we have power-washing systems that are perfect for cleaning stairwells, garages, and outdoor areas for your office spaces. We also utilize a truck-mounted carpet cleaning system that allows us to steam clean your carpets. Not only does steam cleaning help your carpet look cleaner, it also eliminates debris and allergens that can pollute air quality in your office. 

Our team works on your schedule, we are here to help with cleaning solutions that make the most sense for your team. For more information give us a call, for a free quote, fill out our form below: 

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Setting Up Your Boston Office Cleaning Schedule with Champion Cleaning

Different properties set up different routine cleaning schedules. First and foremost, many businesses have daily or weekly tasks that are handled by the staff in the office. For example, vacuuming, or empty small trash bins into a larger trashcan are often part of these cleaning tasks. In terms of professional cleaning, the team at Champion Cleaning can work with your property and your budget to create a customized cleaning schedule that works well for your team. Some cleaning objectives can be handled at every cleaning, while other cleaning objectives (like window cleaning for example) might be handled periodically. For more information please give us a call. 

Office Cleaning in Masaschusetts and Southern New Hampshire

Headquartered in Methuen, Massachusetts our team of cleaners travel throughout Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire to provide cleaning services. We work with offices as well as large apartment buildings and condominiums to provide expert cleaning services.

At Champion Cleaning we prefer creating long-lasting relationships with the properties we clean and maintain. There are many benefits to sticking with a cleaning vendor longterm.  The longer we work with a specific property the more we can tailor our cleaning services to that property’s specific needs and make cleaning even more efficient for your property. 

Our teams of cleaners handle everything from indoor common spaces including bathrooms, lobbies, and other shared spaces. If you have questions about any of our services or you would like to know more about pricing, scheduling, or our cleaning capabilities, please contact us. 

Same-Day Disinfecting For Offices in Greater Boston

Another element of our cleaning services includes same-day disinfection by appointment. During 2020, Champion Cleaning quickly got our team trained, and got CDC-approved cleaning equipment to help businesses navigate the pandemic. 

By providing deep cleaning services and thorough disinfection, our team was able to help businesses stay running in 2020 and 2021. To this day, there is an increased awareness and demand for deep disinfection services. 

If you are interested in disinfection services for your property because you are concerned about an active illness or virus, please give us a call or use our same-day disinfection form. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Office cleaning schedules can vary from business to business. While many offices will receive cleaning once every two weeks or once every month, they will still do routine weekly/daily cleaning activities in-house (i.e. emptying trash bins, vacuuming/sweeping, etc.). By contrast, some offices have daily or every-other day cleaning schedules. When creating a schedule you want to consider your budget, the size of your office/team, the frequency of meetings held in your office, etc. 

If you have a big meeting with a client or a business partner coming up and you want your office cleaned beforehand, it is possible to request a one-time cleaning service outside of your normal schedule as long as we have enough notice. 

The cost of cleaning an office space is determined by a few key factors: 

  • Size Of Your Office Space: The square footage of your office will be the larger factor that determines how much it will cost to keep your space clean. A smaller office will cost less than a large office with multiple floors to clean. 
  • Unique Needs For Your Space: We offer many cleaning services beyond floor care, bathrooms, and carpet cleaning. If you are getting additional services like power washing or other outdoor services, that could impact your cleaning quote. 
  • Cleaning Schedule: If you are looking at an annual or monthly budget for your property’s maintenance costs, you should consider how often you want your property to be cleaned. More frequent cleanings will increase the annual or monthly costs for your property. 

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