Employees working in an open office

It’s that time of the year again! As the colder days set in, so do the cold and flu causing germs. These germs spread quickly and easily, especially around the office where there are many people working in a confined space. In order to keep these germs at bay, learn where they are lurking and what to do to eliminate them.

Your computer is full of grooves which provides a great place for germs to hide. Everything you have touched in the office throughout the day, could have had germs on it. Then when you come back to work on your computer, you off load those germs onto the keyboard and mouse. Use disinfectant wipes often on the devices and surfaces in your work area. Having a bottle of hand sanitizer nearby is great for cleaning your hands before interacting with your workspace.

Coffee Station
Since this is a communal area, the risk for illness causing germs is high. Unless you have a cleaning crew that sanitizes everyday, chances are the coffee pot handle does not get cleaned often.

Door Knobs/Handles
Think of all the people that walk in and out of the office everyday. Not just the employees who work there, but all the different clients that come visit, and even the mail and package delivery people. Who knows what kinds of germs they could be bringing in.

Light Switches
Usually these only get touched at the beginning of the day and at the end. Although they are not touched often, they should still be sanitized when cleaning.

This should go without saying but the surfaces in the bathroom are not the only thing to worry about. Germs can also be airborne and affect you without you even touching anything. Bathrooms should be cleaned regularly by professionals.

Kitchen Sink
Many offices have their own kitchen sink. however, many employees will leave their dirty dishes in there for way too long. The longer they sit, the more bacteria they accumulate.

To avoid employees getting sick, and losing out on valuable productivity time, it is always recommended to have your work spaces cleaned regularly by a professional team. For trusted professional services, call the experts at Champion Cleaning at 800-979-1911 or visit our website today!

Office Germs Are Lurking in More Places Than You Think!
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