Even with the hardest work behind you, new construction is not ready for the public until it is cleaned. Post-construction cleanup can be a long and difficult process. Even after all the wires, pipes, floors, and walls are installed there is still a lot of cleaning to get done. That is why we have created this checklist that goes over some of the most important cleanings that must be done before you open your new construction up to the public.

Clean Walls, Windows, & Fans

Even though the building is new, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of dusting to be done. During the building process, there was most likely dust and debris brought into the building. The first step in post construction cleanup is to tackle dusting from the top down. Make sure all ceiling fans are well dusted as well as walls. It also important to have all the windows cleaned, both inside and outside, to make sure the glass is completely clear before opening day.

Vacuum & Polish The Floors

Once you have worked on the ceilings and walls of your building it is time to address the floors. All carpeted areas need to be professionally cleaned with high-powered vacuums designed for removing deep set-in debris. Dust, dirt, and plaster debris were probably packed deep inside your carpet during the building process. When debris is in a carpet it causes fraying and shortens the carpet’s longevity. Only high-powered vacuums can remove the dirt and debris. Hardwood or tile floors need to be properly polished to give them a shining look before opening day.

Clean Entryways & Exits

Doorways are another important part of your building that needs to be handled before its grand opening. These areas get the most traffic during the construction process and often have packed in sawdust and other construction debris. Simply sweeping these areas might not be enough. Mopping is the best way to remove excess debris.

Clean Bathrooms & Kitchens

Of course, bathrooms and kitchens are other important areas that need to be cleaned. Countertops and backsplashes should be properly scrubbed, and grout lines need to be cleared as well. Sinks and toilets should be cleaned following standard bathroom cleaning methods.

Hire Champion Cleaning

Your building is as good as new, in fact, it is new. So, it should look new. Hire Champion Cleaning for professional commercial cleaning. The team at Champion Cleaning specializes in post-construction cleanup for apartments, hotels, retail locations, and businesses. Before you open your front doors, have your building properly cleaned.

Post Construction Cleanup Checklist
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