Although we are finally enjoying some cooler weather in New England, we all know that winter is coming. And with winter comes snow, road salt, and other debris. Road salt specifically can destroy your floors and leave unsightly stains. Snow and dirt tracked on carpets can cause terrible amounts of fraying and damage. That is why it is vital to prep your carpets and floors for winter this fall.

The Importance of Entrance Matting

If your building does not have an entrance mat, it should. Entrance mats go a long way in getting the salt, snow, and mud off of your client’s and customer’s feet. If you already own entrance mats, make sure to have them cleaned prior to the start of winter. A full mat is not going to provide as much protection as a recently cleaned mat. Aside from matting, cleaning the area directly outside of your building is another way to limit how much debris enters your building. A pressure washer can remove dirt and grime from the sidewalk outside your front entrance. Throughout the fall you will want to remove leaves and other debris that gather outside your building because during the winter it will become mud when mixed with snowmelt.

Repair Hardwood & Tile Floors

If your hardwood floor is already cracked or warped in any area, this can make it more susceptible to getting damaged in the winter. The same goes for tile. If you have chipped or missing tile replacing it before the winter will prevent debris lodging themselves in cracks and crevices which causes more damage longterm. So if you notice cracked wood or chipped tile, make sure to have it replaced as soon as possible for the damage gets worse.

Steam Clean Your Carpets

Beyond just a usual janitorial vacuuming, your carpets need deep steam cleaning. This removes any trapped debris, dust, and even bacteria that are trapped in your carpet fibers. The best thing you can do for your carpets this fall is to have them completely clean before the winter. Increased foot traffic, heavy winter boots, and increased dirt and grime can ruin a carpet if it is not professionally cleaned.

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Prepping Your Floors For Winter
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