While winter snow may be beautiful, the salt used to melt snow and ice can be a real problem for your carpets. Salt is tracked on your shoes and a little bit is deposited everywhere you step during winter months.

This salt is composed of several chemicals, including sodium chloride, calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. Once these chemicals bond to your carpet they are incredibly difficult to remove. This results in a stain that will cause unsightly damage to your carpets.

Proactive measures to prevent salt stains:

  • Frequently clear snow from walkways and entryways to reduce the amount of moisture that is tracked in from the outside.
  • Vacuum often to remove as much dirt and moisture before it has a chance to settle into your carpet.
  • Invest in welcome mats – the more the merrier. Having a few mats outside as well as a couple inside can encourage people to wipe their feet off before entering.
  • Drive the point home by putting up a sign to encourage guests to wipe their feet.
  • Work with a professional carpet cleaner to apply a protective coating to your carpets in the fall so they are ready for the winter.

Even if you take these precautions there is still a chance that you will experience irreparable damage to you carpet this winter. In fact, carpets should be professionally cleaned regularly just to offset normal wear and tear. There are many reasons to clean your carpets regularly. Here are just a few.

Save money: Regularly cleaning will prolong the life of your carpet, which can save you a lot of money as replacing carpet is expensive. Stains are common – even more so if you have pets or kids – so removing them early on prevents them from becoming permanent.

Improve your aesthetic: A dirty carpet can really bring down the aesthetic of your home or office. Make guests feel comfortable and at home by keeping it clean and well maintained. Vacuuming regularly can help fight the battle, but regular professional cleanings will help you win the war.

Improve air quality: A whole host of pollutants like mold, dust, dirt, and dander can become trapped in your carpet. Sometimes regular vacuuming can’t get all the grime that’s ingrained deep inside of your carpet. Professional cleanings will, thus improving air quality and lowering the chances of your guests or employees developing allergies or other illnesses.


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Preventing Carpet Salt Stains
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