Recently, there has been an uptick in calls to Poison Control in America. These calls are likely caused due to issues with disinfectants. There has been a large increase in regular disinfection and sanitization of offices, apartment buildings, and homes in America. And, more and more individuals are making sure to buy powerful disinfectants that are designed to destroy viruses and bacteria. For these reasons, the risk of medical emergencies caused by exposure has increased. In the past, we have written on the dangers of not heeding warning labels on commercial cleaning solutions. Because of the recent uptick, we wanted to readdress this issue and inform janitors, homeowners, and property managers on proper safety regulations.

Proper Use Of Disinfectant

Right now, many buildings are relying on the EPA’s N-List to choose disinfectant products. It is important that surfaces are cleaned with products that are designated for use against SARS-CoV-2 or the virus that causes COVID-19. That being said, industrial cleaners and disinfectants can be very dangerous. Here are a few tips that everyone should follow to keep themselves safe.

  • Do not mix cleaners: It is important that you never mix cleaners. Mixing different cleaners can create noxious fumes that can even be lethal.
  • Do not ingest disinfectant: Another important thing to avoid is exposure to these cleaning chemicals. You should never use disinfectant on your own skin or body. Many disinfectant products can irritate the skin and are toxic if swallowed.
  • Read The Labels: Every disinfectant has specific instructions on how to use them, make sure to follow these instructions to avoid issues.
  • Call Poison Control: If you suspect that you or someone else may have been poisoned due to ingesting disinfectant or improper mixing of cleaning supplies, immediately call 1-800-222-1222 for the poison control hotline.

How To Get Disinfectant Kits for Your Building

Champion Cleaning is providing both a disinfection service including regular cleanings, as well as disinfectant kits. Our kits utilize EPA-registered disinfectants. We send a concentrated disinfectant that can be diluted with water to yield gallons of usable disinfectant. We make sure to send detailed instructions on how to handle and store your disinfectant to avoid any issues. For more information on proper cleaning and disinfection services, please contact Champion Cleaning.

Recent Spike in Poison Control Calls Potentially Due To Improper Use of Cleaner/Disinfectant
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