By now there is not a single person in America that is not at the very least, aware of the COVID19 virus. Starting in December of 2019, this virus has quickly spread from an epidemic in China, to become a global pandemic. Recently, the state of Massachusetts and many neighboring states have issued an official state of emergency. It appears the most dangerous element of COVID19 is how easily it can spread. Although the CDC and the World Health Organization are still working on getting official numbers for how long the disease can go asymptomatic, how long after symptoms arise does a person still have the ability to spread it, and how long it can survive on surfaces. These questions are all very important to understand how we can best lessen the spread of this disease.

How COVID19 Spreads

COVID19 is a type of coronavirus. Coronaviruses have been around for decades and are similar to SARS and other viruses. For that reason, a lot of the initial data has included assumptions based on other viruses that are similar to the COVID19 virus. With these stats more readily available, it is possible for the CDC to make some informed assumptions on why this specific disease is spreading so quickly. COVID19 is spread mainly from person to person. Unfortunately, many people can have mild symptoms or not show symptoms while being contagious. COVID19 also can exist on surfaces for a short period of time. That time window has still not been fully confirmed, but it can range from a few hours to about a day. In any case, disinfecting touched surfaces is vital. Shared spaces need to be cleaned regularly.

The Importance of Self-Quarantining

The CDC recommends that anyone with the virus or symptoms of the virus (coughing, fever, difficulty breathing) contact a health professional and self-quarantine. The speed at which the virus will spread is dependent on how many people an infected person comes into contact with. For that reason, even healthy people should limit their social time and not gather in large groups. By washing your hands, practicing social distancing, and self-quarantining if you have symptoms, we can limit the further spread of the disease.

Routine Cleanings of Public Spaces

One of the most important things that businesses, apartment buildings, and shared living spaces can do is to routinely disinfect their spaces. Cleaning up the areas that are highly trafficked and are touched by multiple should be done daily to prevent the spread of disease. Because COVID19 can stay alive for a few hours on surfaces, door handles, elevator buttons, and other similar areas need to be cleaned daily.

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Responding To Coronavirus: The Importance of Disinfection
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