Hotels, apartments, condos, and offices need to take care of their interiors. Keeping your building clean makes an important impression on visitors. That is why it is important to keep carpets well taken care of. Carpets are not designed to last forever, and high trafficked areas like lobbies or hallways can get damaged quickly. At a certain point, it is better to replace your carpet than to continue trying to extend the life of your current one. Depending on your carpet, and it’s damage, you may not need to replace your carpet. Carpet removal and replacement can be very expensive relative to cleaning, but when a carpet is ruined, there is no point paying to have it cleaned.

How Often Should You Replace Carpets

There are many different factors for when you should replace your carpets. Generally, you can expect to replace carpets ever 10 to 15 years. Depending on the level of traffic and how often your carpets are damaged, you may need to replace them sooner. Hotel lobbies and retail stores often have to remove carpets sooner because of the number of customers that walk on them on a daily basis. A real sign that a carpet cannot be saved by cleaning is when it tears or frays. If your carpet’s edges are frayed or your carpet has been torn, it will be more cost effective to replace the carpet instead of continuing to have it cleaned.

Can Your Carpet Be Saved?

With proper cleaning procedures, many carpets can be saved even if they were terribly damaged. Depending on the square footage of your carpet, replacing it could be very expensive. If your carpet is stained, commercial cleaning companies can remove the stain using stain spotting technology. To keep your carpet from getting frayed or ripped, commercial cleaning companies use high powered steam cleaners to remove dirt and debris locked deep inside your carpet. Commercial cleaners can also repair faded areas of carpets alongside removing old stains.

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If you are a business owner or property manager in the New England Area, you should have Champion Cleaning clean your carpets. Our team at Champion Cleaning can add years of value to your carpet with regular cleanings. If you recently replaced your carpet, our team can keep it clean longterm so that it lasts longer than the last one. Contact us, and a member of our team will reach out to you soon.

Should You Clean or Replace your Carpet
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