Property managers know the importance of having their properties cleaned routinely. Having clean common areas like hallways, stairwells, and lobbies are vital to property value and tenant happiness. When choosing a cleaning service for their buildings property managers have a lot of factors to consider. Aside from scheduling and pricing, products used is becoming an increasing factor in decision making. Different cleaning products have unique pros and cons, but more and more property managers are preferring cleaning companies that use non-hazardous eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

Benefits of Non-Hazardous Cleaning Supplies

It goes without saying that given the choice, most homeowners and property managers would probably choose a non-hazardous option over a hazardous one. But many industrial-grade cleaning solutions still contain hazardous chemicals. Cleaning solutions made with natural ingredients are healthier for children as well as pets, they allow tenants to return to living in their apartment worry-free as soon as the cleaning is done, and they improve air quality. Non-toxic cleaning solutions are also better for the environment which can be a positive benefit for property owners as well as tenants.

Myths About Green Products

There are myths that harmful products are better at cleaning than their safer counterpart. However, there are actually many carpet cleaning solutions that are made eco-friendly and with non-hazardous materials that clean just as well as their competition. Another myth is that these green products jack up prices. In fact, when bought in bulk, green products are rarely more expensive. Some cleaning agencies might charge more for substituting “green” products for their cleaning services but that is often a created inflated charge. There are many cleaning companies that primarily use non-toxic products from the get-go, and therefore do not add an upcharge for this service.

How Do You Check For These Products?

Another problem that property managers can run into is not knowing how to verify a cleaning service’s products. Very few cleaning companies have a list of all the products that they use on their website. However, cleaning services are usually willing to provide information on their products in the initial hiring process. Another problem is that there are also falsely labeled products in the market. The best solution is to check that the products being used are rated green and non-toxic by a third party that is not biased.

At Champion Cleaning we are proud to use third-party rated non-toxic and environmentally safe products when we clean apartments & condos, new construction, & offices. We would be happy to discuss the benefits you can provide your tenants or workers by hiring our cleaning service. Contact us at 800-979-1911.

The Benefits of Green Non-Toxic Cleaning
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