Many industries have been permanently affected by the pandemic. And as Massachusetts continues to work through the phases of reopening, many businesses and industries will operate very differently than they did in 2019. There will be a much higher pressure on disinfection and sanitization of services, and for apartment buildings, condos, and offices, there will be a higher expectation that property managers will work with professional commercial cleaners.

Commercial Cleaning For Businesses Reopening in Massachusetts

Before we can talk about the potential future of late 2020 and early 2021, we need to talk about our immediate future. Currently, Massachusetts is in a 12-week process of reopening split into four phases: start, cautious, vigilant, and new normal. During this phased process, it is imperative that businesses and buildings take necessary precautions to prevent any spreading of the disease. If our state backslides, it will prolong reopening in the state. For this reason, Champion Cleaning is working with Massachusetts apartments, condos, and offices to provide coronavirus disinfection services. If your building needs disinfection services, give our team a call at 800 979-1911.

The “New Normal” For Commercial Cleaning

As we potentially arrive at the new normal for Massachusetts, it has been predicted that there will still be a large need for janitorial services. Until a vaccine or an effective treatment is FDA approved, Massachusetts residents will continue to prioritize their own individual health. For businesses, this means that your cleaning regiment is an important aspect of your business to customers. The same is true for property managers and realty companies. Throughout the pandemic, we have seen tenants and customers search frequently for safe and clean businesses and buildings. Not only should buildings be improving their cleaning regiment, but they should also be transparent about how they are cleaning their building. Articulating your cleaning protocols provides value and peace of mind to your tenants or customers.

Commercial Cleaning in 2021 and Beyond

It is tough to say how long things will be this way. As a nation, different states are in different phases in terms of reopening and in terms of how cases of the virus are either spiking or regressing. What we can be certain of is that for the first half of 2020, sanitization and cleanliness become a top priority for businesses and individuals. It is likely that this will continue to be a high priority moving forward. Proper disinfection practices not only protect people from this virus but from a variety of other viruses and bacteria, and it is likely that even as we adjust and get back to normal, the events of this year won’t be quickly forgotten. Commercial Cleaning is likely not going to be an afterthought for either businesses or for individuals, and although PPE and EPA-registered cleaners may become less needed, a need for general cleanliness will likely continue.

Scheduling Commercial Cleaning in Massachusetts

For apartments, condos, and offices in Massachusetts, scheduling commercial cleaning is easy with Champion Cleaning. Our team is always available to answer questions on our cleaning services. At present, we are using EPA-registered cleaners to disinfect buildings throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Contact us for more information

The Future Of Commercial Cleaning in Massachusetts
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