For property managers that own residential buildings like apartment buildings or condominiums, it is important that you provide a clean place for your tenants. A clean property is more likely to keep tenants happy and can also go a long way in terms of health. Instead of hiring a weekly cleaning service or a routine service, it is recommended that larger properties hire porter cleaning services that can handle daily cleaning objectives. Here are a few reasons way. 

Handling Daily Messes & Issues

The primary reason to work with a company that provides daily cleaning services is that they can handle issues the day of. With so many tenants and families living in your building, it is not uncommon for a mess to appear in a hallway, amenities, or other common space. The benefit of a team of on-site cleaners is that they can handle it immediately. If you have cleaners that only come weekly or at a specific time of the day, that mess is either going to have be cleaned by a member of your staff or sit there until the cleaners get on-site. 

Daily Disinfection Services

Because of the pandemic, many tenants expect that amenities and common areas will be disinfected on a regular basis. Hiring a day-of team means having access to a staff that can quickly and effectively clean amenities on a routine basis. This can improve peace of mind for your residents and improve the health of your community. 

Posting signage on doors that state what times every day an area is disinfected can help set expectations for your residents. Choosing low traffic times can help meet your expectations without inconveniencing them. For instance, cleaning the gym during midday during the week can keep things clean without causing too many issues for residents. 

Keep Your Complex In Better Condition

Another reason to hire a team that provides daily cleaning services is to prevent damage to your property. As anyone knows, the longer a mess goes unaddressed the harder it is to clean up. Your carpets and floors can get quickly damaged and stained if they are not cleaned often. Additionally high-traffic areas can benefit from thorough daily cleaning. Carpeted hallways and lobbies can experience a lot of foot traffic that can damage carpets if they are not frequently cleaned. 

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The Importance of Daily Cleaning Services For Apartment Buildings
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