Large multi-tier apartment buildings are being built all over Massachusetts and the country. More and more people are living long-term in apartment buildings or condominiums. Many people in fact are choosing to live in these style buildings for their entire lives. For people who live near cities or commute into the city, these properties are highly valuable. Because of this, it becomes more and more important for property managers to invest in the right vendor relationships to keep their properties well-maintained. In this article, we will cover the keys to choosing the right vendor for cleaning an apartment building.

Creating Cleaning Schedules

The first and most important step in cleaning a large apartment building is having the right schedule in place. There are a few options here. One of the easiest options is to choose a cleaning vendor who provides daily cleaning services during the daily operation of your property. Not only does this ensure the best cleaning for specific areas of your property like amenities or hallways, but it also means that reported messes can be cleaned quickly and effectively. That way if a tenant causes a mess in a public amenity, you don’t have to wait to have it cleaned. Other cleaning schedule options include working with a vendor that provides a routine cleaning service either daily, weekly, or even monthly. For monthly cleaning services, you will likely need a cleaning team at your property that provides day-of cleaning, while the vendor will provide a more top-to-bottom cleaning service when they come.

Cleaning Common Area Floors & Carpeting

One of the most important areas to clean regularly are the carpets and floors. These areas are probably the first thing a tenant will notice if they are not being cleaned daily or weekly. Floors and carpets are the first to show signs of stains and dirt/mud caused by foot traffic. Once again, some buildings go with a method where they handle their own day-to-day vacuuming and then hire a vendor to handle the deep carpet cleaning and floor buffing on a weekly or monthly basis. However, the most effective way to keep your property clean is with regular cleaning services like porter cleaning.

How Do Apartment Buildings Clean Windows

Windows and glass doors are another area that needs to be cleaned regularly. With large apartment buildings, it can be difficult to clean upper floor windows, especially from the outside. For cleaning a large property’s windows, you will likely want to find a vendor that specializes in cleaning larger properties and has the proper equipment for window washing.

On-Site Apartment Building Cleaning Services in Boston

For apartment buildings and condos in the Greater Boston area, Champion Cleaning provides on-site cleaning services. If you have any questions about routine cleaning services or daily on-site cleaning, please contact us.

The Key To Cleaning Large Apartment Buildings
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