Cleaning your office has many benefits to the point that it is never a question of “if you should clean your office” but “how” & “how often”. Not only can a clean office improve your first impression on customers and clients, but a clean office improves your team’s working conditions. Your team spends many hours working in your space, and providing a space that is clean makes working easier, decreases complaints, and can even prevent the spread of illness. In this article, we want to provide a few quick tips on cleaning/sanitizing an office. That said, if you are in the Greater Boston area and need a team that provides high-quality routine cleaning services, please give us a call. We would be happy to provide a no-obligation quote for our services. 

Understand What Should Be Done By The Team & What Should Be Done By Your Cleaning Vendor

The first and most important tip for any office is to divide tasks between what will be handled by you and your team and what will be handled by a hired cleaning vendor. For example, many offices ask employees to manage the cleanliness of their own workstations, while cleaning vendors might provide workspace cleaning services, it can be a bit difficult since cleaners never want to accidentally throw out something or move something that inconveniences your team. 

There are other tasks that might be more suited to your team. For example, if you schedule weekly or bi-weekly cleanings with your vendor, you might want to handle some daily tasks. This can include emptying small trashcans into centralized cans on each floor or in each section of the office, or handling dishes in the shared kitchen space. 

How To Organize Your Office Space & Keep It Clean

Keeping a workspace clean can make work more efficient. Here are a few tips to share with your employees on how to keep their individual workspaces clean. 

  • Divide The Space Into Sections: A desk can be split into two or three sections. For example, a section of your desk can be for your computer, a section can be for non-computer work like note-taking or other paperwork, and a third section can be used for storage of materials. 
  • Utilize Walls: Walls can be used for decorations and organization. Hanging trays can let you file away papers, and whiteboards can be used to quickly jot down notes during the day. 
  • Avoid Clutter: We recommend asking employees to avoid too much unnecessary clutter. Obviously, decorations are fine as they can make an office space feel more unique, but you want to avoid any trash or things that simply get in the way of work. 

Assign Tasks To Your Team For Cleaning

Much like any home or dorm building, if you expect the people in the office to help with cleaning, clear communication and assignments will be necessary. Vaguely assigning tasks to the entire team is not as strong as having clear and direct instructions. While some tasks can be assigned to the entire team like everyone managing their own desk or cleaning their own dishes (if you have dishes like mugs that can be shared by the team), you want to make sure specific tasks like vacuuming are directly assigned. Obviously, you cannot tell your team to each individual vacuum just their area as it would be extremely inefficient. But be careful, what you assign and who is assigned can often make a statement. You want to make sure that cleaning responsibilities are shared by your team. 

Office Cleaning & Sanitization in Boston

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Tips For Improving Your Office Cleaning & Sanitization
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