Many property managers look for cleaning companies that offer porter services. Simply put, porters make sure that a property is cleaned and looks presentable during business hours. Teams of cleaners work throughout the building during the day to handle a variety of tasks small and large. Porters are on-site to help support the property managers during the day-to-day by helping restock restrooms, remove trash, perform general cleaning services, and more.

What Is The Difference Between Janitorial Services And Day Porters?

Both janitorial companies and day porters provide similar services in a general sense. The main difference is the timing of the services. Many Janitorial staffs will arrive at the property after hours or when foot traffic is considerably low. They provide cleaning services after hours so that the property is clean prior to the start of the next workday. Porter services focus on providing cleaning services while people are present. Generally both types of service provide the same cleaning services, however, specifics will vary from company to company. Generally, both porters and janitorial services provide floor care, vacuuming, window cleaning, and trash removal services.

Pros & Cons Of Day Porters vs Janitorial Services

Property managers need to consider which type of cleaning service and schedule works best for their needs. Porter services provide the chief benefit of being on-site during daily operations. This means that problems can be addressed as they happen, and the building can be kept pristine throughout the day. If a mess is made by a visitor it can be handled by quickly and effectively. Traditional janitorial services provide the benefit of being out of the way. For smaller facilities, it may be beneficial to decrease occupancy during the day so there are more room for visitors. Some property managers worry that day porters will be disruptive and are concerned about potential complaints from tenants or visitors. However, the mark of a good porter company is that they provide high quality cleaning services without inconveniencing or disrupting day-to-day activity.

What Cleaning Service Is Right For My Building?

Our team has been providing cleaning services for properties throughout Greater Boston for years. If you need more information about cleaning services work, and the different types of scheduling, we would be happy to discuss them with you. At Champion Cleaning we pride ourselves on being flexible and providing the exact services that our clients need. We would be happy to provide our insights as well as a no obligation quote for on-site porter cleaning services. For more information please send us a message.

What Are Porter Cleaning Services?
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