You might not think about them, but your floors are one of the first things your visitors interact with. Here at Champion Cleaning, we provide cleaning services for businesses, large apartment buildings, and condominiums. One of the most important elements of our service is our professional floor care. When choosing a vendor to help clean your floors, it is important to consider a variety of factors. In the past, we have written about the importance of managing and maintaining strong vendor relationships for apartment buildings. But today we want to cover the importance of choosing the right vendor.

The Importance Of Reviews & Recommendations

When beginning your research looking for any vendors for your property, you want to check reviews as well as recommendations. If you work with other property managers in the area, you might want to see who they use and how they feel about their cleaning crew. Additionally, checking online reviews can give you a level of insight into the performance of a cleaning crew. As we mentioned in the previous article on vendor relationships, one of the key benefits of working with a vendor long-term is the consistent results born out of their knowledge of your property. To get results like that you want to choose a vendor that has demonstrated consistency over time with their existing clients.

Experience & Consistency

While we are not saying that the oldest company is the best company, experience has its value. Companies that provide vendor services to properties, have to work hard to maintain relationships with those properties in order to stay around for decades. If you find a cleaning company with years of experience that has many longstanding contracts, this is a sign that they are able to maintain those relationships by providing high-quality work not just once, but every time.

Cleaning Services And Schedules

One of the most important things to consider when looking for a vendor is to ensure that the vendor you pick has the equipment your property needs. You want to make sure they are going to be able to handle all of your cleaning objectives. For example, at Champion Cleaning, we use truck-mounted steam cleaning technology to clean carpets. Making sure your vendors provide the services you need is essential to choosing your vendor, otherwise, you might need multiple vendors or to change vendors right away.

On-Site Apartment Building Cleaning Services in Boston

For apartment buildings and condos in the Greater Boston area, Champion Cleaning provides on-site cleaning services. If you have any questions about routine cleaning services or daily on-site cleaning, please contact us.

What Should You Look For In A Commercial Floor Cleaning Vendor?
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