Whether you manage an apartment complex, condo unit, or a small business, you probably have a cleaning storage closet. Right next to the road salt and shovels is your mop bucket and an assortment of cleaning supplies. If you don’t hire professional janitorial services you probably have a large assortment of cleaning products. But how often do you clean and replace your products? To make sure your property is properly cleaned, your cleaning products need to be well-maintained.

When To Clean

In the interest of saving money, there are a few ways to extend the life of your cleaning products by properly cleaning them. Not only will they last longer, but having cleaned products will keep them from smelling and in the worst cases; developing mold and mildew. Make sure all cleaning products are thoroughly dried before storing them in the janitor closet. Dark rooms with warm and wet cleaning supplies will grow mold, which can be dangerous to occupants and expensive to remove. Sponges can be effectively cleaned with hot water and bleach. Removable mopheads can be put through a dishwasher or soaked in bleach. Dry cleaning tools like vacuums and brooms should be thoroughly cleaned out.

When To Replace

Although cleaning your cleaning products can increase their longevity it will not make them immortal. At a certain point, your cleaning supplies will become ineffective and can actually damage your property. When products become frayed, worn-down, infected with mold, or damaged in other ways they no longer provide cleaning benefits to your home. A good rule of thumb is that if any wet cleaning products, sponges and mops, continually smell even after cleaning: throw them out. If the bristles for your vacuums and brooms are frayed or damage it may be time to replace those appliances. Check vacuums for air leaking through the hose. In some cases, you can replace pieces of your vacuum instead of the entire vacuum.

When To Hire Professionally

Keeping your cleaning products well maintained is an essential part of keeping your property well maintained. However, many property managers decide to outsource to professional cleaning companies. Having your common areas like hallways and vestibules professionally cleaned can save you time and money. Best of all, if you have your cleaners clean regularly, you no longer need to invest in having that many cleaning products (it is still recommended to keep some essentials on-hand for immediate needs).

If you are looking for professional carpet cleaners, wood floor cleaners, and general apartment/condo cleaners contact Champion Cleaning. We specialize in helping property managers maintain their investment and provide expert cleaning services to keep your occupants or customers happy.

When To Clean or Replace Your Property’s Cleaning Tools
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