Moving offices is a lot of work. Once you’ve gone through all the steps to find and secure an office space, you still have a lot of work cut out for you before you’re fully moved in and ready to do business.

Offices are breeding grounds for bacteria as well as other germs, and although most people assume that their office has been professionally cleaned prior to move in, it never hurts to put in a little extra effort to ensure everything is cleaned to your standards.

It is important to have a clean office to keep your employees (and yourself) healthy and lower chances of catching a cold or having an allergic reaction. The healthier and more comfortable your employees are in your office, the more productive they will be. It is nearly impossible to get any work done in an office coated in a layer of dust.

Hiring a professional cleaner like Champion Cleaning can help expedite the cleaning process and ensure everything is properly cleaned and sanitized. From the kitchen to your employee’s desks, there are lots of key areas to clean before moving into a new office. If you want to have a list to ask your cleaners to cover, here are a few areas to focus on:

Kitchen: Even if the kitchen seems to be clean, it is a good idea to give it a good once over. You never know if the previous tenants practiced good hygiene in the kitchen. Scrub counters and tabletops and don’t forget to disinfect the fridge and microwave.

Desks: Desks are a hotbed for bacteria. You want to make sure these surfaces are clean and disinfected so your employees have a comfortable area to work after move in. This also helps prevent the spread of illnesses.

Carpets: Mold spores, bacteria, viruses and other particles can be lingering in the carpets. A deep cleaning will take care of all the dirt and germs that might be hiding in your carpet. Cleaning them before move in will eliminate a lot of dangerous allergens and mold, that could make your employees sick.

Conference rooms and offices: Don’t forget to clean the conference rooms and private offices when moving into a new office. There is likely lingering dirt and bacteria on any surfaces, doorknobs, light switches and windowsills.

Bathroom: If your office has a bathroom in-suite, it is important to clean this area before moving in as well. Champion Cleaning is also proud to offer environmentally friendly restroom supplies for any office in need.

Why Clean An Office Before Moving In?
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