The to-do list for a new construction is seemingly endless. From starting the planning process to getting the new building built, there are thousands of details to keep track of. It’s understandable that at some point you just want the building to be done and ready to open. However, there is one final step of the process that cannot be overlooked. Post construction cleanup is necessary before the opening of any new building. Whether you have just finished a new apartment complex, retail location, or office building, post construction cleanup is a must.

What Is Included in Post Construction Clean-up

When a new property is built a post construction team is hired to clean up various construction debris and get the building ready for use. Commercial cleaning companies that work in the construction clean up industry clean a building by removing various debris and doing a full walk through. Bathrooms and kitchens are cleaned like they normally would be in a commercial cleaning job. Rooms are vacuumed, floors are polished, and other areas are dusted. A post construction cleaning job is similar to a standard commercial cleaning job. The main difference is the safe removal of any construction debris.

What Are The Benefits of Post Construction Clean-Up

The primary reason you should have your building walked through and cleaned professionally is for safety. Any construction job leaves behind the debris. Nails, screws, sawdust, and other leftovers are common on any job site. A post construction cleaning crew not only has the experience to find any left behind remnants of the construction job, but also the tools to clean them. You do not want a new tenant or customer to get injured because of overlooked construction debris. Not only will debris get found, but they will also be disposed of properly. Each state has unique laws on how to properly get rid of construction waste like extra drywall.

When Should You Hire A Post Construction Clean-Up Team

One of the other benefits of working with a post construction team is that they work efficiently and quickly. Commercial cleaning companies that specialize in post construction understand that their work needs to meet deadlines. That said it is important to have a realistic timeline. A post construction job cannot be done overnight and shouldn’t be a last minute thought. Contact a post construction team before you finish construction to figure out scheduling. The time needed to finish cleaning a building will be heavily dependent on the size of the building.

Why You Need To Hire A Post Construction Clean-Up Crew
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