Professional floor cleaning is one of many services provided by the team at Champion Cleaning. Along with carpet cleaning, there are many benefits of hiring a team that has commercial cleaning equipment compared to simply trying to use vacuums and other equipment to clean floors. Professional floor cleaners specialize in many different floor materials and have equipment that not only cleans floors but also restores a shine to them. While vacuuming and sporadic carpet steam cleaning work for most homeowners, residential property managers should consider the benefits of professional-grade cleaning.

Benefits Of Professional Floor Cleaning For Residential Properties

One of the first things you notice when you enter a property is cleanliness. Whether you think about it directly or not, your impression of a business or building is based on how well it is cleaned and kept up with. For residential or commercial properties having clean and shining floors can be extremely valuable in presenting yourself to new customers or tenants. But beyond the aesthetic, there are many reasons you should have your floor professionally cleaned instead of relying simply on vacuums and mops.

  • Air Quality: Regular deep cleanings of floors and carpets can improve the air quality in your property. Many individuals with allergies or breathing conditions can be affected by dust, pet dander, and more.
  • Disinfection: Floors like any other surface can be covered in bacteria and potential viruses. Mops and buckets may be able to clean floors but are not capable of disinfecting them. Professional cleaners can use commercial disinfecting agents to decrease the spread of bacteria and viruses in a proeprty.
  • Floor Care: Another reason to have your floors cleaned professionally is that it can extend the life of your flooring. Floor & carpet cleaning are forms of maintenance that can remove abrasive debris that may cause damage to your floor over time. Plus wax seals can add extra protection to your floors.

What Floor Types Can Be Cleaned Professionally

There are many different types of flooring including; hardwood, vinyl, linoleum, marble, even more unique floors like bamboo. Almost any type of floor can be cleaned professionally. Instead the question should be; “what types of floors does X company clean professionally”? Different floor materials may require different equipment. Some flooring materials can be waxed and polished while others cannot. But an experienced floor care provider should have the correct equipment, tools, and experience to clean almost any type of floor. At Champion Cleaning we have list of the different flooring materials we work with most often.

When Should Floors Be Cleaned Professionally?

The key to any cleaning project is the routine. Porter cleaning services can help keep your building clean during day-to-day activities. If you work with commercial cleaners or with a company that specializes in cleaning residential properties, they will often recommend scheduled deep cleanings of your floors and carpets so that your facility always looks clean.

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Why You Should Hire A Professional Floor Cleaning Team
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