About half an hour from our headquarters in Methuen, Chelsea Massachusetts is a part of the Greater Boston area home to many apartment buildings, condominiums, and offices. Our teams of cleaners are constantly moving throughout Greater Boston to help disinfect and clean offices, apartment buildings, and condominiums. We utilize high quality equipment and teams of experienced cleaners to make sure the job gets done right.

Apartment Cleaning Service in Chelsea

If you manage an apartment building or condominium building in the Chelsea area, we would be happy to provide a quote for our cleaning services. We provide routine cleaning services of common areas including lobbies, garages, hallways, stairwells, and more. We clean floors, carpets, restrooms, windows, and more. A clean building not only looks good but is healthier for your occupants. 

COVID-19 Disinfection Service in Chelsea

Throughout 2020, our team has been providing same-day COVID-19 disinfection services to businesses and apartment buildings in our service area. Since the beginning of the pandemic this year, our team has invested in specialized equipment, PPE, and disinfectant to round our COVID-19 disinfection services for properties throughout Massachusetts. Our teams use electrostatic disinfection techniques and provide concentrated disinfectant that your staff can use in between routine cleanings.

Construction Cleanup In Chelsea

Champion Cleaning specializes in post-construction cleaning. We clean carpets, floors, windows, and provide top to bottom cleaning of a property. Often construction crews can leave some mess behind during their renovation. When a building is complete, our team can sweep through it and make sure that any loose screws, sawdust, and other debris are removed.

Office Cleaning In Chelsea

Champion Cleaning offers the same great high-quality services that we provide to apartment buildings for offices. We can provide routine office cleaning for your office after hours. Your employees likely spend 40+ hours a week in their offices, making sure that the office is clean is a great way to make the office somewhere they can enjoy working in. Plus, by regularly disinfecting spaces, you can reduce the risk of diseases spreading. That way your employees can use their days off for things that they actually want to do instead of wasting them on sick days.

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To inquire about cleaning services for private and professionally managed condominium communities and apartment complexes, please contact our team in Methuen by calling at 800-979-1911 or by sending us an online contact form.

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