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As a property manager, you have a lot on your plate. Making sure residents are happy, scheduling tours for new tenants, and handling the day to day needs of your properties is a tall task. That is why after having the right team managing your buildings, you need to have the right vendors. Champion Cleaning prides itself on mutually beneficial relationships with property managers. We provide a wide array of cleaning and disinfecting services for apartment building common spaces and amenities.

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Carpet Cleaning, Floor Care & Window Washing For Boston Apartment Buildings

Full Teams Of On-Site Daily Cleaning Staff For Apartment Buildings & Condominiums

The cleanliness of your property is paramount to your reputation, it affects both new tenants and current renters’ decisions as well as online reviews. Like many vendor services, the mark of a job well done is when our cleaning services integrate so well with a property that the tenants don’t even realize how much goes into keeping the building clean. The only time property managers hear about the cleanliness of their property is when there is an issue, so if your tenants have issues with amenities and common spaces, we would like to help.

Here at Champion Cleaning, we provide full teams of cleaning staff that work daily to handle the routine tasks, and cleaning issues as they arise. We specialize in working with larger properties and handling lobbies, hallways, parking garages, stairwells, and more. 

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“Champion Cleaning has provided us with reliable, dependable service and saved us money in the process. The entire company, from owner to cleaning teams, is professional and pleasant to deal with –resulting in our complete satisfaction. We highly recommend Champion Cleaning.”
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Keep Common Spaces In Your Property Clean With Champion Cleaning

Renters understand that it is their responsibility to clean their own units, but they may take less responsibility for messes left in hallways, lobbies, and other common spaces. Even without tenants, every room can always use vacuuming, every carpet can use steam-cleaning, and every floor can use buffing. That is why we provide amazing floor care services for your common areas. We clean the following common areas:

Teams Of Cleaners in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire

Our teams of cleaners work throughout Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire to provide excellent cleaning services. Our team members work daily on-site to provide the quality your tenants expect. The best cleaning teams are effective, non-disruptive, and efficient at switching from the routine cleaning projects to handling messes as they occur. 

We provide some additional value to the properties we work with as well. We have specialized services including truck-mounted steam cleaning technology for carpet cleaning. We provide pressure washing services for stairwells, parking lots, and garages. Our team can also handle tile & grout cleaning, entrance matting, and restroom supplies for your property. And our team provides opt-in apartment cleaning services including both carpet cleaning and window cleaning for your tenants. 

If you are interested in learning more about our cleaning services, please give us a call.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Apartment building cleaning services can differ based on the needs of your unique property. And day-to-day tasks can also vary based on how cleaning needs arise. But some of the cleaning tasks our team handles includes: 

  • Cleaning entryways & providing entrance matting to prevent dirt and mud from being tracked into your building
  • Wiping down surfaces and commonly touched items including elevator buttons, railings, counters, etc. 
  • Cleaning and sanitizing public restrooms in your apartment building, including restrooms that are part of a gym amenity or off the lobby. We also restock these bathrooms with supplies. 
  • Emptying trash and recycling bins
  • Vacuuming carpets & mop cleaning floors 
  • Spot-cleaning walls and windows, as needed

Depending on the unique needs of your property, the amenities you offer your tenants, we create a custom daily cleaning plan. With Champion Cleaning, you can rest assured that all cleaning objectives for your property can be handled effectively and efficiently. 

We do not clean individual units as a singular service. If a tenant is interested in traditional cleaning services for their unit, we recommend looking into a maid cleaning service. That said, we do provide opt-in cleaning services for tenants with our window cleaning days and carpet cleaning days. Tenants in a property we are already cleaning can opt-in to have carpet cleaning or window cleaning done on a specific day.

We provide daily on-site cleaning teams. Because your apartment building is open 24/7 to its tenants it is invaluable to have a team that is there on-site every single day. Beyond that, we discuss specific cleaning schedules with properties on a case-by-case basis. 

The cost of cleaning an apartment building varies greatly. The best choice is to get a quote from a trusted cleaning team like Champion Cleaning. The size of your property, your amenities, and your cleaning needs will all factor in to pricing for daily on-site cleaning services. 

One thing to be aware of is the importance of finding the right team for your property. Not every cleaning team offers the same services or the same quality of services. The most important thing is working with a reliable vendor that meets the specific needs of your apartment building or condominium community. 

To get started, we just need to set up a quick appointment, where a member of our team can visit your property, discuss your needs and requirements, and provide a quote. This is usually a quick 30 minute meeting.

Yes, our crews of cleaners have their own cleaning products and equipment. Unless you have a specific requirement, we have it all handled, which is one less thing to worry about for your team.

Yes, we carry a variety of restroom supplies including bath tissue, towels, hand soap, and trash can liners. We can also provide recommendations on upgrading your soap dispensers to more cost-effective products. 

Whenever possible, our team uses green cleaning products. There are excellent and effective cleaning products that are also environmentally friendly. However, some sanitizers and disinfectants which are often used to clean the high touch point areas of a property might be the exception to this. Becuase disinfectants need to be able to kill bacteria and germs, they aren’t always labeled as green products.

Your tenants likely take hygiene and disinfection very seriously, especially after the last few years. There is been a major shift in public consciousness regarding cleaning and disinfection. From the onset of the pandemic, Champion Cleaning was a resource for many apartments, condominiums, offices, and other public properties for CDC-supported disinfection in Greater Boston. 

The CDC recommends that high-frequency touch points are prioritized when it comes to disinfection. You can read more about the CDC’s recommendations here:

Yes. We are bonded and carry ample General Liability coverage as well as Workers Compensation. We will provide a COI upon request.

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Tenants might not notice when your cleaning team is firing on all cylinders and effectively cleaning a property. But they will notice when they aren’t. Champion Cleaning works hard to provide teams of cleaners that will meet and exceed your tenants’ expectations. If you have questions about our cleaning services or would like to schedule same-day service, please contact us via our contact form or by calling 800 979-1911. A member of our team would be happy to answer your questions.

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