Consider these facts:

• Approximately 70-80% of all moisture, dirt and debris that enters a building comes in on the bottom of one’s shoes.

• Experts say it costs approximately $500 to remove every pound of dirt that gets tracked into a building. Matting traps and prevents unwanted dirt, debris, and contaminants from entering a building and doing damage.

• Floor and carpet maintenance can be dramatically lowered with the implementation of an effective entryway matting system.

• Because people don’t typically wipe their feet off anymore, a minimum of 10’-20’ of walk-off length is recommended by the Carpet & Rug Institute. This can be a combination of mats, both indoor and outdoor matting.



The cost of entrance mats, of course, is much less than that to replace carpets.

Champion Cleaning is a direct distributor for the manufacturer. We’re glad to come to your property and help you to determine the dimensions and quantity of mats you will need.

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