Apartment Building Cleaning Services in Lowell

Another neighboring community of our headquarters in Chelmsford is the former mill town of Lowell. Now a robust city that features a great local food, art, and music community Lowell is a large city of over 100,000 people. It’s made up of schools, businesses, and new developments that make Lowell a perfect town for Champion Cleaning services. Since 1997 Champion cleaning has been working alongside businesses providing reliable cleaning services by our staff and crew.

Porter Cleaning Services for Lowell Apartments

Champion Cleaning provides daily on-site cleaning services for apartment buildings in Lowell and the surrounding towns as well as routine cleaning services. As part of our on-site daily services, our team handles everything from carpets to windows to bathrooms for all of the public areas of your building. Our team will keep hallways, stairwells, lobbies, amenities, elevators, and parking garages clean for your tenants. One of the main reasons tenants cite as the reason they leave an apartment is poor cleanliness. An apartment building that is not clean is not presentable to guests and family. Our team can handle daily messes and provide routine cleaning services without disrupting the daily life of your building’s community. Additionally we provide some in-unit cleaning services by appointment including carpet cleaning and window cleaning services.

Disinfection/Cleaning Services for Lowell Offices

Many employees spend upwards of 40 hours at the office each week. Keeping the office clean has a large impact on the team. Not only does a clean office promote a better work environment for your employees, but cleanliness can also decrease the risk of bacteria and viruses from spreading. We provide routine cleaning services that can keep your office space looking professional. Give us a call for more information.

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Post-Construction Cleaning in Lowell

When a new property is built it is vital to ensure that a final walkthrough is done by a cleaning team. Construction leaves a lot of debris from sawdust and screws to larger issues. A walkthrough from the Champion Cleaning team means that your new apartment building, retail location, or other new property is ready for its grand opening. Our team can handle top to bottom cleaning services for any newly constructed properties as well as any additions that have been added. For more information about this service, and to get a quote on post-construction cleaning, please contact us.

Same-Day Disinfecting by Appointment

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the team at Champion Cleaning has been working with apartment buildings, condominiums, and commercial properties to ensure our communities stay safe. When active cases are reported our team can use the proper disinfecting equipment to help clean the area and prevent the further spread of the virus. 

If someone on your team has tested positively for the virus, please give us a call. We provide same-day cleaning services and can come out to your location right away.

For more information please use the form here or give us a call.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The key difference between porter cleaning and routine cleaning is scheduling. Porter cleaning services include a team of cleaners that work on-site during daily operation. This means your cleaning team can handle issues as they arise. Routine cleaning services are pre-scheduled cleaning services that happen on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Champion Cleaning provides both options for residential properties to best serve our clients.

Champion Cleaning uses truck-mounted steam cleaning technology for carpet cleaning. Steam cleaning is better for the environment than shampooing and enables your carpets to dry much faster. For apartment buildings and condos, our goal is to always work efficiently so that your residents do not have to worry about interruptions to their daily life.

We clean all of the common areas of a property both indoors and outdoors. This includes lobbies, hallways, elevators, and stairwells, as well as amenities. Our team can help clean parking garage as well. We want to make sure that every area your tenants can gather is properly cleaned. 

Our main services are centered around common area cleaning. However, for some properties we provide window and carpet cleaning days for tenants where tenants can opt into a program where our team helps clean their in-unit windows and carpets.

Yes, in today’s world, disinfection is one of the main driving reasons our clients count on us. We utilize CDC-approved commercial cleaning solutions to disinfect properties. Where applicable, we also use electrostatic disinfection technology to provide the best disinfection services. Additionally, we can provide your property with a disinfecting kit that you can use to keep your people staying well.

We provide same-day disinfection services for our clients as needed. However, we do ask that clients tell us if there is an active case at the property so that our team can be made aware. Since the onset of the pandemic we have been helping disinfect properties throughout Greater Boston. 

Cleaning Services We Offer For Boston Apartments & Condos

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Amenity Cleaning

The team at Champion Cleaning can provide daily cleaning services for indoor and outdoor building amenities

Common Spaces

Our team cleans and disinfects elevators, stairways, hallways, lobbies, and other common areas on a routine basis

Restroom Supplies

We provide restroom supplies for apartment buildings, condominiums, and office spaces

Floor Cleaning

We provide professional floor cleaning services for floors made of wood, marble, linoleum, vinyl & more.

Entrance Matting

Our team provides entrance matting for apartments, condos buildings, and offices to help protect your floors.
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Window Cleaning

We provide window cleaning services for residential facilities as well as a cleaning option for tenants.

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