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Your office is a second home to your workers, and if you are a client-facing business, it can be your first impression on new clients. That is why we at Champion Cleaning believe that it is vital that every office space has regular cleanings. Not only will it impress your clients to see a well-organized and cleaned conference room, but your employees will enjoy having an office with clean floors and carpets. And, clean offices are less likely to spread disease, so you and your coworkers can enjoy less sick days.

Routine Office Cleaning Services

  • Janitorial Services (Day or Night): Based on your schedule, our team can come to your office day or night for general janitorial services. Cleaning common areas including bathrooms, break rooms and conference rooms.
  • Sanitizing and Disinfecting: Keep your employees and customers safer with a higher cleaning standard. Our crews are trained in proper sanitizing and disinfecting protocol, and we use a multi-surface cleaning product on the EPA’s List N for products deemed effective against COVID-19.
  • Glass Tabletops & Glass Doors: Champion Cleaning leaves glass spotless. Whether your conference room features a glass tabletop or you need glass doors cleaned, our team will make sure your windows are smudge-free.
  • Dusting: Dusting is often overlooked, but it has a large effect on air quality in your office. A dusty office can aggravate allergies – slowing your people down.
  • Floor Sanitation: Certain tile floors like linoleum, Marmoleum, and vinyl floors require regular sanitation. Floors can contain tons of bacteria, and regular cleanings keep your office healthier.

Project Cleaning Services

Beyond our routine cleaning services, we also have a few a la carte services so to speak. These services are comprised of services that you may not need weekly or monthly but could require periodically.


We offer add-on carpet cleaning services for all of your office areas. Conference rooms, private offices, and open office areas, all require carpet cleaning. We start by cleaning areas that have stains or are high-traffic. These areas are pre-treated and then cleaned with hot water extraction technology. This allows chemicals to penetrate the deepest level of your carpets and remove not only stains but also debris and bacteria. We will leave your office looking clean and smelling clean. We will also leave your carpets in better condition and improve their lifespan with our cleanings.


Champion Cleaning is equipped to handle all the window cleaning your office needs. Just like floors, clean windows are part of a clean office and can improve the first impressions you make with your clients. Our pricing is based on size, accessibility, and whether windows need blading (cleaning of heavy weathering).


New office? We can help with the first round of cleaning. Champion Cleaning works with contractors throughout Massachusetts to provide construction cleanup. Construction cleanup includes a variety of cleaning services that transform a newly built or renovated building into a building that is clean from top to bottom. Whether you just had a new office built or you finished remodeling a section of your building, Champion Cleaning can provide professional cleaning services.

Work With Champion Cleaning

We are fully insured, which includes workers’ compensation and liability coverage. We take great pride in the quality of our work and strive to create and maintain complete satisfaction for both our clients, their employees, and our employees. Give us a call to learn more about office cleaning.

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