Office Cleaning Services in Cambridge MA

The team at Champion Cleaning specializes in working with offices, large apartment buildings, and large condominium buildings. Our teams of cleaners provide routine weekly cleaning services for offices throughout Cambridge and Greater Boston. We provide a variety of specialty services including restocking restrooms and power washing outdoor areas. Contact us to get started on our quote process for routine cleaning services. 

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Cleaning Services for Offices In the Cambridge Area

Specialized Indoor/Outdoor Cleaning Services for Cambridge Offices

Champion Cleaning provides a variety of unique cleaning services to help improve the cleanliness of your property’s interior and exterior. This includes:

  • Garage Sweeping / Power Washing: Our team uses a power washing system to clean stairwells, garages, and other indoor/outdoor areas.
  • Steam Cleaning: Our team as a truck-mounted steam cleaning solution for carpet cleaning property’s carpets. 
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning: We work with a variety of flooring materials including tile & grout. we can clean tile & grout in bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas of your office.

We provide many different specialized cleaning services from restocking bathroom supplies in your office, to helping clean your employees’ work stations. For more information about our services please give us a call. 

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What Is The Best Schedule for Cleaning An Office?

Office cleaning schedules differ from business to business. The size of your office, the size of your team, and your schedule can all have a profound effect on how often you will need your space cleaned, as well as what cleaning services you might need. The best way to get a fuller understanding and a better picture of your office cleaning schedule is to meet with a team like Champion Cleaning, as we discuss the cleaning services your property will require, we can help plan your cleaning schedule. Generally speaking, most businesses aim for at least once a week to have a team come through the property and provide cleaning services. However, some offices opt for more or fewer cleaning sessions. Whichever is the case, we would be happy to discuss your office cleaning. 

Are Work Stations Included in Office Cleaning?

Some office cleaning companies do not provide work station cleaning as part of their cleaning solutions. While they will likely handle small trash bins throughout the office, they might not provide cleaning services for the individual work stations. Companies like Champion Cleaning, that do provide work station cleaning solutions, will usually provide those services with the note that the  team has to understand that those services are being used. Some employees might have issue with having their work station touched while they are away from the office. And some employees might be concerned about items being moved around or if something might get accidentally thrown out by mistake. If you do want work station cleaning to be a part of your routine cleaning, it is important to discuss it with your team and to get clear answers from your cleaning vendor regarding what your employees need to know. For example, most cleaning companies will not open any desk drawers but will focus on wiping down the keyboard area. So some employees will move all of their desk items into their desk drawers at the end of the work day. 

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