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Champion Cleaning works with properties throughout Massachusetts to provide high quality cleaning services. Our main specialities are working with offices, apartment buildings, and condominiums. Our teams of cleaners provide routine and daily on-site cleaning services. For offices, we work with your schedule to plan the perfect cleaning plan for your team. If you are interested in getting pricing, scheduling information, or setting up an in-person meeting with a member of our team please give us a call or use the form below. Otherwise, continue reading for more information about our cleaning services. 

Office Cleaning Services in Bedford MA

Office Power Washing, Steam-Cleaning, and Outdoor Cleaning Services in Bedford

Our team provides many specialized cleaning services that can help your property with indoor and outdoor cleaning projects. For example, we provide power-washing services which we frequently use to clean parking lots, sidewalks, garages, the sides of buildings, and stairwells. Our power washing service is perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces. We also can help clean awnings and other outdoor areas of your commercial property. 

Our team also provides specialized cleaning services like deep cleaning for carpets. Our truck-mounted carpet cleaning system allows us to deep clean carpets throughout our clients’ properties. This can help remove stains, odors, and debris that is tracked into your office. Not only will this lead to your carpets looking cleaner but they will also smell fresher and be less susceptible to damage caused by abrasion. 

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What Services Are Included In Office Cleaning?

Our team provides a variety of cleaning services including optional services based on the property we are working with. At the core, our team handles cleaning windows, doors, and surfaces throughout your office space. Our goal is to help keep your office looking clean both for the aesthetic benefits and the health and workflow benefits. We provide disinfection services and clean all types of flooring including tile and grout floors. We clean indoor and outdoor spaces, and we provide entrance matting and restroom supplies that can help with the day-to-day operations for your office. We also provide some optional services like cleaning work stations. Cleaning work stations can be a real benefit for some teams especially in an open office where people frequently switch desks. However, some employees might choose to opt-out of this, since they will want to clean their own desk themselves.

Office Sanitization Services

Our team provides sanitization services for offices throughout Massachusetts. Office sanitization is extremely important for you and your team. Ever since the pandemic more and more employees are aware of the importance of disease prevention. One of the most important things you can do as an office manager is provide disinfectant and hand sanitizer so that your team can prevent illness. Beyond that, a team like Champion Cleaning can provide weekly cleaning services that kill bacteria and help prevent the spread of illnesses. 

Our team provides disinfection and sanitization services. This primarily consists of cleaning the high-touch areas of the office like door knobs, counters, elevator buttons, and similar parts of your office to help prevent the risk of the spared of illnesses. For more information abotu office cleaning services, please give us a call. 

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If you own an office in the Bedford area and are interested in setting up routine office cleaning services for your facility, please contact our team. We would be happy to discuss office cleaning services that can  help keep your office ready for you, your team, your clients, and other guests.

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