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The Champion Cleaning team provides building cleaning services to properties throughout Worcester and the surrounding towns. Our team specializes in working with large apartment buildings, condominium communities, and corporate office settings. On this page, we will provide information on our office cleaning services and provide additional insights into how we can help your office maintain its appearance. If you are interested in getting a quote, please give us a call or use the form below to contact our team. We would be happy to discuss setting up a meeting with our team to walkthrough your property. 

Office Cleaning Services in Worcester MA

Office Power Washing, Steam-Cleaning, and Outdoor Cleaning Services in Worcester

While our team provides all the obvious staples like floor care, window cleaning, and carpet cleaning, we provide many specialty services that can help your business. This includes outdoor spaces including cleaning signage and awnings, as well as power-washing services that can be used to clean sidewalks, outdoor lots, garages, and stairwells. We utilize a truck-mounted system to provide deep cleaning services like the power-washing pictured here. 

Our team also provides commercial carpet steam cleaning services. Our truck-mounted carpet cleaning systems allows for much deeper cleans on carpets. Not only does this make carpets look better and help remove stains and dark spots, but it also leads to better air quality and prevents your carpets and rugs from fraying. For more information about our services, please give us a call or use the form below to set up a meeting with our team. 

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Does Champion Cleaning Clean Employee Work Stations?

Our team provides work station cleaning services, however we highly recommend that teams check with their employees first. For many properties, our office cleaning services focus on cleaning all of the common areas that are shared between employees. This includes floors, bathrooms, break rooms, conference rooms, carpets, etc. But we can also clean employee desks. However, this is a service that is not always requested. That is because many employees do not like their desk to be touched when they are not around. It can feel like an invasion of privacy if a workspace is cleaned or moved without the employee present. If this is a service that you and your team are interested in, we are happy to help and can also provide recommendations on how employees can prep their work stations before cleanings. Clear communication can help alleviate any anxiety around work station cleaning services. 

Office Sanitization Services

Office cleaning isn’t just about aesthetics. Everyone who has ever worked at an office knows how illness can spread quickly. Many bacterial diseases and viral infections start because of shared commonly touched surfaces. Our team can help sanitize and disinfect your office space, and provide cleaning solution that can be used by you and your team throughout the work week. 

Sanitization and disinfection services can help provide a healthy working environment for you, your employees, and any guests to your office throughout the work week. We can also provide same-day disinfection services when needed. During the pandemic our team helped handle same-day cleaning for businesses and apartments when there were specific concerns about a recent active case. 

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If you are in the Worcester area, and are interested in learning more about our cleaning services for offices or for other properties, please contact our team. We would be happy to discuss setting up a meeting with our team to discuss cleaning solutions for your property. 

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