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The team at Champion Cleaning travels throughout Massachusetts to provide office cleaning services. We frequently travel throughout the North Shore and the Greater Boston areas including to Beverly and the surrounding towns. Our teams of cleaners specialize in working with office buildings, commercial properties, apartment buildings, and condominium communities to provide excellent commercial cleaning services. Read on for more information about our services or give us a call for more information and to set up a meeting with our team. 

Professional Office Cleaning in Beverly, Massachusetts

Outdoor Power-Washing & Deep Cleaning For Office Carpets in Beverly

Champion Cleaning provides a variety of specialty cleaning services that not all cleaning vendors can provide. First and foremost, we provide many outdoor cleaning services. Whether we are helping cleaning awnings, power washing garages and parking lots, or helping cleaning signs, we can help your businesses with your exterior cleaning projects. The outside of your office is often the first impression your office will make on clients and other guests. Our team can also provide entrance matting to help keep the outside from getting too far inside. Most dirt and debris that gets into any property is tracked in on the bottom of a shoe. Entrance matting can help decrease the dirt that gets into  your property. 

We also provide unique deep cleaning solutions like carpet steam cleaning. Our truck-mounted steam cleaning technology can help lift dirt, debris, and oils out of a carpet improving how they look, air quality, and preventing damage to your carpets. 

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What Services Are Included In Office Cleaning?

Our team provides many unique office cleaning services for your team. Different offices have different needs, but our team can help with all of the routine cleaning needed from emptying trash bins, cleaning carpets & floors, and cleaning restrooms and break areas to some of the more unique projects. Our team provides entrance matting, restroom supplies, and can also help clean works stations for your team. Many offices that have an open concept or a hybrid office where workspaces are interchangeable appreciate having those work stations cleaned regularly. That said, it is also common for employees to request that their specific work station not be touched, so it is important to take that into consideration when planning cleaning services for an office. 

Office Sanitization Services

Office cleaning has many benefits for a team. First and foremost, a clean office is aesthetically pleasing and sets the right tone and demonstrates your professionalism to clients, customers, and your team. A clean office also runs more efficiently. When everything is in its place and there isn’t clutter in the way, it can help your team focus and get their work done. 

Of course, the bigger reason that many teams are interested in sanitization and disinfection is the prevention of disease. Anyone who has ever worked in the office knows how a cold can quickly go from employee to employee. And after the pandemic, it became even more important to consider ways to prevent the spread of bacteria. 

While the best way to prevent illness is by following daily advice regarding the spread of bacteria (i.e. not going into work sick, washing hands, etc), weekly on-site cleaning can help disinfect high-touch surfaces.

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If you own a property in the Beverly Massachusetts, area or in Greater Boston and are interested in learning more about our cleaning services for offices, apartments, and condominiums, please contact our team. We would be happy to discuss cleaning services for your property. 

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