Most people are focused on the positive aspects of their carpet flooring such as the soft touch, appearance, and warmth it provides but many often overlook the carpets innate ability to lock in a variety of allergens that could have come from anywhere inside or out. For those without allergies it may be hard to tell when a rug is overdue for a good cleaning but for allergy sufferers, the symptoms are near impossible to miss which is why it is smart to have your carpet cleaned on a regular basis.

Carpet Cleaning Services:

Champion Cleaning is happy to provide numerous carpet cleaning services to prevent a variety of allergens that could be trapped indoors by a dirty carpet such as:


Those who encounter unkept carpets on a regular basis will have a very good understanding of the fact that dust can be found trapped within them quite often as it is one of the most common indoor allergens. While this is one of the most commonly found occurrences of allergens stuck inside a carpet, it is also one that will lead to a massive improvement within the living environment once taken care of.


Many individuals do not consider the fact that outdoor allergens sneak into their home in a variety of methods such as through windows, doors, and other openings. This is especially true when outdoor allergens, such as pollen, are on the rise. For those with seasonal allergies it is advised to keep windows, doors, and other openings closed as much as possible to reduce these outdoor intruders from entering your home and troubling those inside.

Animal Dander:

For those living with animals, it is not a shock that animal fur and dander gets trapped literally everywhere, and your carpet is no exception. Having animal fur removed from the carpet through a regular cleaning is something homeowners are advised to do even if they aren’t allergic to the dander themselves it can easily cause symptoms in anyone visiting the residence who is susceptible to this allergen.

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