Your carpet is an integral part to making your house feel like a home. It helps with heating costs, is a comfortable surface to walk on, and kids enjoy playing on them.  But keeping them clean can be tricky, as carpet material is an easy place for germs and grime to flourish. At Champion Cleaning, we provide carpet cleaning solutions to home owners, office buildings, and apartment complexes. Take these tips from the experts to keep your carpet as clean as possible!

Maintain a Regular Vacuuming Schedule

Maintaining a regular vacuuming schedule is crucial for homeowners to maintain clean carpets. Most homes can do with at least once a week, but for home where there are children or pets, you may want to consider vacuuming twice a week.

Annual Carpet Washing

Some property owners we speak with don’t know the last time they had their carpet washed. They mistakenly believe vacuum cleaning is enough. At Champion Cleaning we recommend carpet cleaning at least once a year, twice if you have pets and children. Carpet cleaning will get down to the roots of your carpets, to bring any leftover dirt and grime out that vacuuming doesn’t get to.

Be Aware of Spills & Stains

Spills lead to stains, and stains can be tough to get out if they aren’t treated right away. Don’t let stains settle into your carpet. When something spills at the last you want to take a damp rag and lightly press it against the spill stain. This will get a large amount of the liquid out. Repeat this process until you find your paper towel is no longer removing any liquid.

For home owners, apartment and complexes, and office buildings, Champion Cleaning provides exceptional carpet cleaning services. We use a powerful hot water extraction system that provides the most thorough carpet cleaning available today. To inquire about our carpet cleaning services in Massachusetts, call us at 800-979-1911 or use our online contact form.

How To Maintain Clean Carpets
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