If you started your own small business that has been growing over the years you probably have a lot on your mind. From sales to marketing, human resources and more, as a founder you wear many hats. Chances are keeping a clean workplace for your employees will eventually fall off your list of priorities. Here are a few tips to help ensure a clean workspace for your employees:

Sign Up For Cleaning Product Delivery: In today’s online world many companies are offering free delivery services of goods when you sign up for a business account. Businesses like staples, amazon, and more make it easy to go online, fill up a shopping cart, and have it delivered within a day or two. Today, Champion Cleaning is a distributor of light bulbs, cleaning supplies, restroom supplies, welcome mats, and more. Champion Cleaning’s partners no longer have to worrying about the ordering and stocking of office cleaning supplies. This will reduce the time it takes to resupply your cleaning supplies, and make sure you don’t run out of products.

Rotating Roles For Employees: Depending of the type of organization you run, this may or not be appropriate. Some workplaces assign rotating jobs to be done to employees to help keep common spaces clean. It could be having some one assigned to taking out trash, cleaning the kitchen, or vacuuming. Whatever works for your particular workplace, make it happen.

Put It On The Calendar: An excuse people use when their office mess gets out of hand is time. They say too many things came up and they are too busy to worry about office cleaning. As a company scheduling a time on everyone’s calendar (even if its 30 minutes) to tidy up their areas will drastically reduce mess and clutter in the workplace.

Encourage Employees To Work From Home: Some business owners will not allow employees to work for home. However, if an employee is sick, or even feeling under the weather, it’s for the benefit of everyone to let them work from home. The worst type of “unclean environment” isn’t the empty water bottles laying around, it’s the millions of germs sick people can spread in a work place. Don’t risk it, let employees who are feeling bogged down work from home to recover.

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Tips For Keeping Your Office Clean
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