The Omicron variant has led to the largest surge in COVID-19 cases since the beginning of the pandemic. Luckily, the CDC has provided a lot of information on how it is spreading and how we can minimize the spread of the virus. According to the CDC’s website, Omicron is spreading faster than the original virus and both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals can spread the virus to others. Current vaccines are expected to protect individuals from severe illness and hospitalizations, which means that getting the highest number of people vaccinated is still a priority. Beyond vaccination, there is a variety of ways we as people can limit the spread during our everyday life. 

How We Can Prevent The Spread of Omicron As Individuals

The most important thing we can do to prevent the spread of any virus is to contain it. Viruses and bacteria often need hosts in order to replicate and spread. This is true for COVID-19 and its variants. Preventing exposure is therefore a twofold strategy. If you don’t have the virus you should be limiting risks that might cause exposure. Vaccines and mask-wearing when in public have been proven to decrease risks of infection. If you have the virus you need to do everything in your power to prevent spreading it. Getting tested can help people discover if they have the virus so that they can prevent its spread. Additionally, self-quarantining is still recommended after traveling. 

Beyond these strategies it is important to consider ways we can make public spaces safer for individuals. 

The Importance Of Disinfecting When Fighting Viruses

It is important to understand that COVID-19 travels through the air as well as attaching to commonly touched surfaces. Everything we learned as kids about preventing the common cold or the flu is still accurate. If you are going to work, school, or another public space we need to be conscious of how the virus can spread. Mask wearing and proper ventilation can prevent the virus from spreading through the air. And regular cleaning and disinfecting can help prevent commonly touched spaces from transmitting the virus. One consideration is what to do after someone tests positive or feels they are sick. Aside from that individual staying home, it is wise for others who came in contact with them to get tested and for properties to be cleaned. Disinfectant and proper PPE should be used when cleaning an area that has been potentially exposed to the virus. 

Same-Day Disinfection Services in Boston

Champion Cleaning provides cleaning services to apartments, condominiums, and commercial properties in the Greater Boston area. This includes same-day disinfection services. If you are concerned that a property has been exposed to the virus or are aware of an active case, our team can provide disinfection services. We have a same-day form you can fill out here. 

Cleaning & Disinfecting’s Role Against Omicron
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