More and more families are living in apartments than moving into homes this decade. Apartments, shared living spaces, and condos are continuing to increase in popularity, especially in metropolitan areas. And although this is great news for property managers and realty groups, it also means increased competition. Providing extra services like in-unit laundry, included utilities, and more are becoming standard expectations of some prospective tenants. One thing that some realtors are doing at an increasing rate is scheduling regular cleanings for their buildings.

The Benefits Of Routine Cleanings Over Single Cleanings

In the past, it was fairly common for realty groups and property managers to hire cleaning companies on a single job basis. Generally around renting season, property managers would have units professionally cleaned before selling them to new tenants. Unfortunately, this meant that common areas like stairwells, lobbies, and hallways would consistently go overlooked. However, routine cleanings keep common areas clean month to month as well as empty units. Working with a commercial cleaning company that provides routine cleanings, can extend the lifespan of your carpets and floors, as well as keep your tenants happy. The interior of your building communicates the professionalism of it. Damaged and dirty carpets, floors, and windows make a building look less welcoming and less enticing to new tenants.

How Routine Cleanings Affect Your Reputation

The most important aspect of routine cleanings is how they affect your reputation. In 2019 most people look for their next apartment online, and through online channels, they can view reviews and referrals from previous tenants. So a single cleaning of a unit before a walkthrough isn’t as effective as it may have been twenty years ago. Now, if your realty company or unit has bad reviews, prospective tenants will consider that against the rent rate they are being offered. Some of the key factors that tenants report as decision-making factors are the level of security, building cleanliness, and the relationship between tenant and building managers. Tenant’s who believe that their building is not safe, clean, or that they will not be able to easily communicate with their property manager in the event of an issue are not going to accept higher rates on apartments.

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Luckily, Champion Cleaning provides affordable high-quality routine cleanings. Carpets, windows, floors, and more can be cleaned on a monthly basis with our teams of cleaners to ensure that your building continues to have a great reputation among your tenants. Contact a member of our team to learn more.

The Importance Of Scheduling Routine Cleanings For An Apartment Building
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