A good tenant is worth their weight in gold. As a property manager longterm good tenants are often a goal. Needing to constantly deal with broken leases, finding new tenants, and dealing with bad tenants can get costly. Once you find tenants who are respectful of your property and that don’t cause problems, you will want to retain them. That is why you need to consider what aspects of daily life improve your retention of good tenants. Or to put another way, what is the key to keeping your tenants happy longterm.

Provide Good Services

The key to property management is to make sure your tenants are not being inconvenienced constantly. This means making sure that basic services are provided. This can include in-unit laundry, pest control services, maintenance, and providing recycling and garbage pickups. Every building is different and every tenant will have different expectations. But your goal should always be to create convenience whenever possible. This can include adding accessibility features like ramps or making sure that when there is an issue with electricity or plumbing that it is handled promptly.

Be Communicative With Tenants

One of the most overlooked aspects of working with tenants is communication. Tenants who feel out of the loop about things happening in or around their apartment quickly get fed up with their landlords. It is vital that you contact your tenants when there will be work done in the building or when there is an issue, even if it might not directly affect that tenant. A good property manager even notifies their tenants about construction happening on adjacent roads or in nearby buildings to ensure that tenants are not surprised. But above all, be responsive. When your tenant sends an email or leaves a voicemail you need to get back to them as soon as possible, especially when the message is about a problem they have.

Keep Your Building Presentable

First impressions matter to new tenants. That is why there is an entire industry around cleaning empty apartment units before a showing (another cost of losing a tenant). But what about cleaning your building’s common areas? Your tenants will handle keeping their units clean, but it is your job to clean hallways, lobbies, public bathrooms & kitchens, and any other common areas. Keeping these areas clean will keep your tenants happy. Your tenants want a building they can proudly bring guests to and not one where there is a stark transition from the dirty lobby to their clean unit. By scheduling routine commercial cleanings, not only will common areas look better, but you will invest in your carpet or floor’s durability longterm.

Setup A Commercial Cleaning Appointment

With Champion Cleaning, property managers throughout Massachusetts and the northeast can get access to routine commercial cleaning that will keep their tenants happy. By keeping common areas clean we can help prevent pests, extend the life of your carpets, and give your tenants a better living experience. Send us a message to get a quote for your job.

Tips For Keeping Tenants Happy
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