It is the holiday season, which means it is also the flu season. Every year it is important to protect yourself and your family by minimizing disease risks. This includes getting a flu shot as well as practicing good hygiene. But one very effective method that is often overlooked is professional cleaning services. With commercial cleaning services for your apartment building, condo, or office you can eliminate the bacteria and decrease the threat of illness for your tenants or customers.

Why Winter Increases Sickness

You may be wondering, what it is about the winter season that increases sickness throughout the country. Even the common cold is named after the weather you are most likely to catch it in. There actually a variety of factors that cause disease to spread more effectively in the colder months. The flu and common cold are most prevalent between December and March. And they can keep you away from your work, your family, and leave you exhausted and feeling terrible. There are a few reasons for this. First, we spend a lot more time indoors during the winter months. When it is warm out, windows are open and fresh air can enter our offices and apartments. But in the winter we practically lock ourselves inside with germs and bacteria. Winter air also weakens our respiratory systems which makes it easier for germs to cause sickness. Finally, the lack of sunlight weakens our immune systems. All of these factors combined cause the increase in illness during the winter, which is why we need to be proactive in protecting ourselves and others.

How Commercial Cleaning Prevents Illness

As mentioned above, one of the biggest issues with winter weather is that we spend much more time inside. Our offices and apartment buildings become homes to many different bacteria strains. That is why once one person gets sick it is only a matter of time before that cold or flu circles through the entire office or apartment building. Routine commercial cleaning of common areas can stop the cycle of germs spreading around a building. Here are some of the most important areas to have cleaned in your buildings:

  • Restrooms: It goes without saying, but sink handles, doorknobs, and other fixtures in your restrooms need to be cleaned regularly with powerful cleaning supplies to decrease the spread of germs. Sinks especially need to be cleaned since they are the last place people touch before they wash their hands.
  • Light Switches & Doorknobs: Anything that multiple people touch daily needs special attention. Higher counts of bacteria are consistently found on elevator buttons, doorknobs, or other commonly used fixtures.
  • Carpets & Furniture: Carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture trap bacteria. Professional carpet cleaning is a must to keep common areas clean long term.

Affordable Commercial Cleaners In New England

Champion Cleaning knows the importance of keeping a building germ-free. A germ-free buildings is not just for your own wellbeing but also for the wellbeing of everyone around you. This cold and flu season we would be happy to provide you a quote for carpet cleaning and restroom cleaning in your building.

Preventing the Flu With Commercial Cleaning For Your Apartment Building
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