COVID-19 has started to see a resurgence in cases this fall. As is often the case, the fall season often sees spikes in colds, cases of flu, and respiratory illnesses. Unfortunately, with the prevalence of COVID-19, it is likely that this might become as recurring as the yearly flu. Here at Champion Cleaning our team helped countless businesses, apartment buildings, and condominium communities with COVID-19 response, disinfection, and advice on how to keep your team, tenants, and visitors safe. Of course, the best resource is the CDC’s website when looking into what cleaning products to use, and what protocols to put in place. But we wanted to provide some insights for Boston businesses that are being affected by this surge in COVID-19. 

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How Should Businesses Handle Active COVID-19 Cases?

If an employee writes an email or calls to say that they are feeling unwell, took a test, and have a positive test for COVID-19, it is important to consider how this could impact your team and your clients. One of the dangers of COVID-19 is that it has delayed symptoms. People can carry the virus and spread the virus for a few days before they start to feel sick. Because of this, it is important to assume that the coworker who tested positive for COVID-19 today had the virus in their system for the last few days. If you have a hybrid office setup you might want to consider a slight close of the physical office, so that it can be cleaned and you give team members a few days to find out if they have contracted the virus. 

When Should An Employee Return To Work After Getting COVID-19?

Your employees might feel good enough to work, but might not be ready to return. It is important to consider the safety and health of your entire team and their families. The CDC’s recommendation is that after someone tests positive they stay home for 5 days. After 5 days if they do not feel sick, they should test again, and if they are negative they can return to the office. That said, it is recommended that when they return to the office they wear a mask to minimize any risk. 

Should My Business Schedule Same-Day Disinfection For COVID-19?

One initial reaction you might consider if someone tests positive for COVID-19 is to clean your property. If you have a cleaning vendor for your apartment building, condominium community, or office space like Champion Cleaning that provides disinfection services, we’d highly recommend having them come in and do a quick disinfection. The CDC recommends wiping down frequently touched surfaces like handles, door knobs, elevator buttons, and handrails with disinfectant that is proven to destroy the virus. This can also provide some peace of mind to your coworkers, tenants, or other guests to know that the cleaning team is frequently disinfecting surfaces. COVID-19 is primarily transferred from person to person through the air, but it can exist on surfaces touched by someone who has the virus. So if you have an active case, you might consider a quick same-day treatment. 

How Can I Protect My Coworkers From COVID-19?

Make sure to stay stocked up on hand sanitizer and encourage your team to clean their own work areas with disinfectant wipes. The main way COVID-19 spreads is person to person. Before the pandemic it was common for people to go into the office if they were just feeling a little sick. People consistently worked through colds or even light flu symptoms. It is vital, that we have a culture shift, where if anyone feels even slightly sick (especially with cold and flu symptoms) they stay home. Since so many companies have work-from-home solutions in place, it is easier for employees that are feeling well enough to work to complete their assignments at home without risking spreading a virus to their coworkers. Managers and owners should work hard to make sure all of the team understands the importance of staying home when necessary and if employees are comfortable, they should alert their bosses to when they test positive. Additionally, it is beneficial to encourage employees to read CDC guidelines and follow best practices. 

Same-Day COVID-19 Disinfection For Businesses in Boston

If you own a business in Boston, or you manage an apartment building we can help with COVID-19 response. Our team provides daily on-site cleaning for apartments and condominiums, as well as routine cleaning services for offices. These services include restocking supplies, disinfecting surfaces, and same-day cleaning and disinfection by appointment. For more information, give us a call.

Tips On Disinfecting An Office During The COVID-19 Resurgence
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