Are you getting the most out of your work week? Whether you are managing a small team at a SaaS startup or a large team at a corporate office, there is always room to make the office more productive. Here are a few tips that improve how your office will function on a day to day basis.

Avoid Unnecessary Long Meetings

We have all been to a meeting in a conference room that could have been covered in an email. And while it may seem that having frequent check-ins with your entire team is good for communication, it can often decrease productivity. Team meetings should be limited to only when needed, small team meetings should only exist when there is a team project, and one-on-one meetings should be regulated to when there is something to actually say. Many offices have multiple weekly meetings, pile this on top of the meetings and phone calls that are client facing, and the 40-hour work week is now only 30 hours. Ditch the unnecessary meetings, your employees will thank you.

Find A Break Schedule That Works For Your Office

There are thousands of blogs and tip articles that go over the best office break schedule. The fact is, every employee is different, and so is every office. What works for some can be detrimental to others. The best way to optimize your break schedule for productivity is to give agency to employees to set their own breaks. Employees do best when they self-manage their work and break schedule, and take breaks when they need them. Of course, this requires some oversight from HR and management to make sure that a relaxed break schedule isn’t being taken advantage of. And some companies cannot feasibly allow employees to take breaks at any point in the day, so adjustments will have to be made. But generally speaking, the more control employees have over their work day, the more work gets done.

Keep Your Office Clean

A clean office has been proven to increase productivity. It has been proven that there is a psychological link between clutter and disorganization and a lack of productivity. And a dirty office can also lead to an increase in sick days from your team of employees. When it comes to office cleaning it is important that your employees are encouraged to keep their personal desks organized and shared spaces clean. Having a professional commercial cleaning team periodically clean your carpets, windows, and shared spaces is the best way to promote a clean and organized work environment.

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5 Ways To Improve Office Productivity
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